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-Ms. Juneteenth 2017: Bria Smith

-Legislative Roundup

-5k Run/Walk for Kenya

-Update contact list of Elected Officials

-2017 Travelling Beer Garden Dates

-Free days at the Milwaukee County Parks, museums, and the County Zoo.

-Mitchell Airport Sustainability Survey

-Upcoming events in our community

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MORE In a nutshell, what’s wrong with Franklin, including quite possibly the Franklin Quote of the Year

Very interesting and revealing exchange on one of the Franklin social media sites:

Evi Bee
Evi Bee even the kids prefer oak creek over franklin for restaurants, fast food restaurants, clothes, movie theaters etc. there is nothing decent in franklin.
Jason Perry
Jason Perry I’ll call uhaul for you
Evi Bee
Evi Bee i doubt there is one in franklin
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos Well I am sure all the people that owns businesses now in Franklin would be real proud to hear you say that… And do you live in Franklin and if so why?
Evi Bee
Evi Bee what would you like me to do so you are not going to cry and break down: lie? i am posting my opinion and am not here to make you feel good or even agree with what i wrote.
yes, i live in franklin and the reason is i am 5 minutes from work.
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos Evi Bee the point is people complain but they moved here with it like it is!! It’s not like it was this huge busy city and everything is leaving then you could complain but I would never move to a community then complain about everything they don’t have, those are things that need to be considered before you move
Mary Lou
Mary Lou What is wrong with a citizen wanting the city to grow and keep up with the times? Belittling them or suggesting they leave is childish.
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos Mary Lou and how is Franklin not keeping up with the times???
Mary Lou
Mary Lou Look around you. If you can’t see the difference with surrounding communities, I won’t waste my time.
Evi Bee

Evi Bee Pattie Kimball-Poulakos just because something was ok 20 years ago does not mean one should stay there in ancient times. we as humans grow, at least some of us and so should the surroundings. you either try to go with the times or you get rolled over at one point.

“And how is Franklin not keeping up with the times???”

Obviously would fail as a contestant:

Guest blog: David Clarke’s future role

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest sent the following to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and copied others, including me.

Role in Future for David Clarke:

David, while I am sad that the left managed to knock out you and O’Reilly, I believe that you have a much bigger role to play, the next 20 years or so, that of “leader of the Inner City back to Reality”.

From working in the inner city, having apts., writing columns, we know that there is strong group of people/families that want their kids to get educated, get jobs, become working citizens, but the white, liberal, male, racists that control Milwaukee do not want that to happen.

Look at the problems spotlighted last week by Barrett when he demanded that the state pick up the tab for more cops/firefighters while they spend their money on the Bucks Arena and the trolleys for the upscale downtowners.

Meanwhile the crime/shootings/murders, carjackings, human trafficking, bad roads, worst schools in country; a “National Disgrace,” poverty, unemployment, Heroin epidemic, corruption, high taxes, abandoned homes goes on, without solutions.

The Barrett/Chisholm/Flynn/Kremers team cannot solve any problems, all they can do is lie, whine, and blame someone else.

Concealed Carry is not the problem, we had more guns per capita, in the 50’s, then we do now, and crime was way down.  During the depression crime was nonexistent.

Why Now?  The semi-legalization of POT has brought the heroin/fentanyl dealers to our door steps. The gun fights, morgues full of kids, are cause of that.

The Establishment will not focus in on the fact that the Pot culture in Wisconsin, and the growth of it, the semi-legalization is what is driving the heroin/fentanyl epidemic, not the Rx Opioids. That problem has been addressed in 2010 and it is much tougher to get Rxs now.

As a Pain Mgt. Pharmacist in Rehab, Nursing homes, Walgreens etc. for 50 years, I can trace the opioid problems quite well.

Drugs are the main cause of the crime in Milwaukee and the tolerance of it by the people at WPRI, the Milwaukee Journal, and the Police are fueling the heroin boom.

The kids are piling up in morgues all over the country and they have never taken an Rx for pain meds. Establishment looks the other way, in fact crows about the tax revenue they are getting in Colorado.  Until we crack down on sales, and fund rehab this will be the major push, on crime, in Milwaukee.

The soft on crime judges, “catch and release” program has drowned Milwaukee in worse crime than Chicago, yet the leaders have no answers, only excuses and lies.

Out state no one believes Milwaukee leaders, and will never send them more money, so we must solve our problems here.  We will never do unless they stop whining and blaming their little sisters for everything.  The Milwaukee Journal, Bice, Bruce Murphy are covering for them.

Money is not the problem, leadership is the answer.

You need to become the counter weight to the Sharptons and the Jacksons, someone who can go into the Inner cities and tell the truth. Force the leaders to make changes.  The state must force these changes. I hope that Bob Gannon, Janel Brandtjen, Joe San Filippo, Leah Vukmir, Alberta Darling will fight along with you.

You need to tour the country fighting for the kids in the inner cities of this country.

We have had a few voices:  Chas Barkley, Thomas Sowell, and Bill Cosby that laid it all out, but they get buried with the “Uncle Tom” label. You have been in the battle these years and can speak with real life experiences.

When God closes a door he opens a window and in this case it is a Bay window.  You can fill it up.

We need your help to teach kids to read, wipe out the scum of drug dealers (they execute them in Vietnam now) and save our kids from spaces in the morgues.

We need you and (former MPD detective) Frankovis to expose the nutty leaders in Milwaukee for what they are, using the drug wars, pot problems, crime to get inner city liberals to vote for them.  The solutions are there, they solve them across country.

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Today’s highly interesting read (06/28/17): Would Justice Sonia Sotomayor let Christian schools play public schools in basketball?

The answer to the above question is no.

Before I get to today’s read I must point out I’ve been scoring and timing high school and college basketball in the area since 1987.

Private and public high schools basketball teams have squared off against each since and before then, with public schools playing at private schools, in private school gyms, on private school  courts (see above). These games take place before the conference seasons officially begin or during tournaments, often during holiday times like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and also during scheduled non-conference contests.

Apparently Sotomayor sees an opportunity for religious indoctrination around every corner.

To read about her bizarre ruling in favor of discrimination, here’s a column by Terry Jeffrey of CNS News.


In a nutshell, what’s wrong with Franklin

This mentality, posted on one of Franklin’s social media sites:

Franklin residents do NOT want more development and the city politicians have been elected accordingly…everything you could ever want is less than 15 minutes away. People need quiet, peaceful communities to go home to relax, raise kids, and unwind. Communities need wild spaces untouched by man where nature is simply left to grow and flourish.

Amazes and saddens me how many people in today’s society consider a wooded lot to be “wasted space” but a Meijer parking lot to be “progress”.

Franklin doesn’t need more development and the traffic and crush of humanity that comes with it, they need to leave it as is.

Maybe instead of turning the movie theater which is now a hidden gem into a Budget theater they should just tear it down and turn it into a park. THAT would be progress. Anyone who wants to see a movie at a budget rate can make the extra 10 minute drive to 27th street which is already a crowded nightmare of “human progress”

Totally backwards.

UPDATE: Ron Johnson then and now

Previously on This Just In…

The update:

Senate GOP leaders today postponed a vote on the Senate health care bill until after next week’s Fourth of July recess.

At least four GOP senators, including Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, said they would oppose bringing the measure to the floor this week.

Before the announcement to delay, the Wall Street Journal editorialized, in part:

What the holdouts should understand is that this is a defining political moment. They may never have a better chance to improve U.S. health care and reform government, and the window is closing.

Repairing the failing individual insurance market, putting Medicaid on budget for the first time in the entitlement’s history, and passing an enormous pro-growth tax cut are historic opportunities. If reluctant GOP Senators think they won’t be held accountable for a defeat, they should think again.

Conservatives such as Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin claim the bill doesn’t do enough to lower insurance premiums by repealing every mandate and regulation that artificially drives up costs. Their objections are principled but no bill will ever be perfect and most of their ideas don’t now command a Senate majority.



Senate health care bill would lead to 22 million more uninsured, CBO says

That’s the blaring headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, no friend to the Republican Party.

The same attack was made when the GOP-controlled House rolled out and approved its plan to replace ObamaCare.

The intent was clear: fill the media template of those big, bad, evil Republicans.

The counter argument against criticism of the Senate plan is the same as that with the House plan.

The large portion of those who are claimed to be “losing” coverage do not have coverage. It follows that you cannot “lose” something that you don’t have.

The CBO is hypothesizing that these individuals would eventually get health care coverage through Obamacare’s individual mandate or by possible future expansions of Medicaid by most of the states that haven’t expanded yet.

To come to their conclusion about the House plan the CBO used false data.

When Obamacare was first approved, the CBO forecast that by 2016, 21 million Americans would enroll in the law’s exchanges. In 2016, in reality, about 10 million enrolled. The CBO is using disproved, ObamaCare-friendly numbers to cast aspersions on ObamaCare replacement efforts.

Only a few million would actually lose existing coverage. Under the House plan they’d receive tax credits to purchase new plans. They would cheaper than ObamaCare.

The reported “millions” that would “lose” coverage would do so voluntarily, because they would opt not to purchase health care Uncle Sam was no longer mandating.

It’s been well-documented that insurers have been withdrawing from exchanges and increasing premiums for years because ObamaCare is not sustainable.

With ObamaCare possibly on the way out don’t fall for the gloomy headlines.


Today’s highly interesting read (06/27/17): Ignore The Cable News Bickering. This Congress Is Getting Things Done

From House Speaker Paul Ryan:

Here in the House of Representatives, we can do more than one thing at a time. And the truth is, even while carrying out our oversight responsibilities, we’ve been delivering on our promises to the American people. We are passing important legislation. We are doing our job.

You just may not have heard about it.

Here’s an example.

Today’s read is here.

The latest pro-life news (06/26/17)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Pro-life talk at Google earns better viewership than abortion executive

The Talk at Google delivered recently by pro-life activist and author Stephanie Gray outperformed that of Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards in its first 24 hours online.

And in just three days, Gray’s talk effectively quadrupled the overall number of views garnered by the abortion executive’s talk published almost five months ago.

Gray, the co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform who now speaks with her “Love Unleashes Life” ministry, presented Abortion: From Controversy to Civility” to the Internet giant’s audience in April. She employed the Socratic method of questions and answers leading to productive dialogue in making the case for life.

Gray’s talk, published June 19, surpassed Richards’ 1,200 views in its first day and was sailing along toward 5,000 views and counting by press time June 22.

Read the rest of the story and read Stephanie Gray’s talk at LifeSiteNews.

Pro-Life News

CENTER  FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS: On Wednesday the San Francisco Superior Court tossed for lack of evidence 14 of 15 criminal charges against journalists who recorded high-level Planned Parenthood employees discussing trafficking the body parts of aborted babies. PLW: We celebrate the dropping of these charges against CMP and hope that Planned Parenthood is fully investigated for trafficking in human body parts.

CONVERSION: A mother of four from North Carolina who decided not to have an abortion has accepted Jesus Christ in her life and got married to the father of her children all in a single week, a pro-life group has said. PLW: This mother choose to sacrifice her body and time for her preborn child, in the same way Christ gave his body and life for us.

SCOTLAND: The figures released by the NHS in Scotland found there were 216 abortions because of disability in 2016, a 57 percent rise from the 2011 figure of 136. PLW: Society allows the killing of the least among us – the preborn and the disabled – when it seeks human perfection.

CATHOLIC: An Anglican ethicist who believes abortion should be legal up to 18 weeks of pregnancy has been appointed to the Pontifical Academy for Life by Pope Francis. Many pro-life activists are very unhappy with the appointment.

PLW: The decision to allow this ethicist into the academy makes the Church leadership lose credibility. If the Catholic Church cannot stand its ground on the moral issue of abortion, what values can it uphold?

NEW YORK: New York Attorney Gen. Eric Schneiderman has sued a coalition of pro-life protesters for allegedly harassing and threatening people outside an abortion clinic in New York City. PLW: Free speech rights are in play if this lawsuit finds its way to the courts. On public rights-of-way, everyone has the freedoms to peaceably assembly and speak.

CELEBRITIES: To protect the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that currently go to Planned Parenthood from being diverted to other women’s health clinics, a number of celebrities have joined in a series of campaigns designed to convince people to fight on Planned Parenthood’s behalf. PLW: Celebrities, shielded from the majority of American voters, haven’t felt the culture shift away from abortion, and so they’ll gladly support abortion-giant Planned Parenthood.

UNITED NATIONS: The new U.S. delegation under the administration of President Donald Trump has rejected a U.N. resolution on violence against women because it included a clause that called for “safe” abortion access in countries where it is legal. PLW: More evidence that Trump is keeping many of his campaign promises to pro-life voters.

To stay up-to-date all week, follow Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter.

From WI Right To Life.


Pro-Life Doctor Fighting IL Law That Forces Him to Inform Patients About Abortion

Pro-lifers stop Planned Parenthood from opening inside high school

Opinion: How Can the Women’s Movement be About Abortion When a Majority of Women are Pro-Life?


First, a visit to The Baby Buddies program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta:

And on to Pittsburgh: