MORE In a nutshell, what’s wrong with Franklin, including quite possibly the Franklin Quote of the Year

Very interesting and revealing exchange on one of the Franklin social media sites:

Evi Bee
Evi Bee even the kids prefer oak creek over franklin for restaurants, fast food restaurants, clothes, movie theaters etc. there is nothing decent in franklin.
Jason Perry
Jason Perry I’ll call uhaul for you
Evi Bee
Evi Bee i doubt there is one in franklin
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos Well I am sure all the people that owns businesses now in Franklin would be real proud to hear you say that… And do you live in Franklin and if so why?
Evi Bee
Evi Bee what would you like me to do so you are not going to cry and break down: lie? i am posting my opinion and am not here to make you feel good or even agree with what i wrote.
yes, i live in franklin and the reason is i am 5 minutes from work.
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos Evi Bee the point is people complain but they moved here with it like it is!! It’s not like it was this huge busy city and everything is leaving then you could complain but I would never move to a community then complain about everything they don’t have, those are things that need to be considered before you move
Mary Lou
Mary Lou What is wrong with a citizen wanting the city to grow and keep up with the times? Belittling them or suggesting they leave is childish.
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos
Pattie Kimball-Poulakos Mary Lou and how is Franklin not keeping up with the times???
Mary Lou
Mary Lou Look around you. If you can’t see the difference with surrounding communities, I won’t waste my time.
Evi Bee

Evi Bee Pattie Kimball-Poulakos just because something was ok 20 years ago does not mean one should stay there in ancient times. we as humans grow, at least some of us and so should the surroundings. you either try to go with the times or you get rolled over at one point.

“And how is Franklin not keeping up with the times???”

Obviously would fail as a contestant:

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