Guest blog: David Clarke’s future role

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest sent the following to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and copied others, including me.

Role in Future for David Clarke:

David, while I am sad that the left managed to knock out you and O’Reilly, I believe that you have a much bigger role to play, the next 20 years or so, that of “leader of the Inner City back to Reality”.

From working in the inner city, having apts., writing columns, we know that there is strong group of people/families that want their kids to get educated, get jobs, become working citizens, but the white, liberal, male, racists that control Milwaukee do not want that to happen.

Look at the problems spotlighted last week by Barrett when he demanded that the state pick up the tab for more cops/firefighters while they spend their money on the Bucks Arena and the trolleys for the upscale downtowners.

Meanwhile the crime/shootings/murders, carjackings, human trafficking, bad roads, worst schools in country; a “National Disgrace,” poverty, unemployment, Heroin epidemic, corruption, high taxes, abandoned homes goes on, without solutions.

The Barrett/Chisholm/Flynn/Kremers team cannot solve any problems, all they can do is lie, whine, and blame someone else.

Concealed Carry is not the problem, we had more guns per capita, in the 50’s, then we do now, and crime was way down.  During the depression crime was nonexistent.

Why Now?  The semi-legalization of POT has brought the heroin/fentanyl dealers to our door steps. The gun fights, morgues full of kids, are cause of that.

The Establishment will not focus in on the fact that the Pot culture in Wisconsin, and the growth of it, the semi-legalization is what is driving the heroin/fentanyl epidemic, not the Rx Opioids. That problem has been addressed in 2010 and it is much tougher to get Rxs now.

As a Pain Mgt. Pharmacist in Rehab, Nursing homes, Walgreens etc. for 50 years, I can trace the opioid problems quite well.

Drugs are the main cause of the crime in Milwaukee and the tolerance of it by the people at WPRI, the Milwaukee Journal, and the Police are fueling the heroin boom.

The kids are piling up in morgues all over the country and they have never taken an Rx for pain meds. Establishment looks the other way, in fact crows about the tax revenue they are getting in Colorado.  Until we crack down on sales, and fund rehab this will be the major push, on crime, in Milwaukee.

The soft on crime judges, “catch and release” program has drowned Milwaukee in worse crime than Chicago, yet the leaders have no answers, only excuses and lies.

Out state no one believes Milwaukee leaders, and will never send them more money, so we must solve our problems here.  We will never do unless they stop whining and blaming their little sisters for everything.  The Milwaukee Journal, Bice, Bruce Murphy are covering for them.

Money is not the problem, leadership is the answer.

You need to become the counter weight to the Sharptons and the Jacksons, someone who can go into the Inner cities and tell the truth. Force the leaders to make changes.  The state must force these changes. I hope that Bob Gannon, Janel Brandtjen, Joe San Filippo, Leah Vukmir, Alberta Darling will fight along with you.

You need to tour the country fighting for the kids in the inner cities of this country.

We have had a few voices:  Chas Barkley, Thomas Sowell, and Bill Cosby that laid it all out, but they get buried with the “Uncle Tom” label. You have been in the battle these years and can speak with real life experiences.

When God closes a door he opens a window and in this case it is a Bay window.  You can fill it up.

We need your help to teach kids to read, wipe out the scum of drug dealers (they execute them in Vietnam now) and save our kids from spaces in the morgues.

We need you and (former MPD detective) Frankovis to expose the nutty leaders in Milwaukee for what they are, using the drug wars, pot problems, crime to get inner city liberals to vote for them.  The solutions are there, they solve them across country.

Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

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