Senate health care bill would lead to 22 million more uninsured, CBO says

That’s the blaring headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, no friend to the Republican Party.

The same attack was made when the GOP-controlled House rolled out and approved its plan to replace ObamaCare.

The intent was clear: fill the media template of those big, bad, evil Republicans.

The counter argument against criticism of the Senate plan is the same as that with the House plan.

The large portion of those who are claimed to be “losing” coverage do not have coverage. It follows that you cannot “lose” something that you don’t have.

The CBO is hypothesizing that these individuals would eventually get health care coverage through Obamacare’s individual mandate or by possible future expansions of Medicaid by most of the states that haven’t expanded yet.

To come to their conclusion about the House plan the CBO used false data.

When Obamacare was first approved, the CBO forecast that by 2016, 21 million Americans would enroll in the law’s exchanges. In 2016, in reality, about 10 million enrolled. The CBO is using disproved, ObamaCare-friendly numbers to cast aspersions on ObamaCare replacement efforts.

Only a few million would actually lose existing coverage. Under the House plan they’d receive tax credits to purchase new plans. They would cheaper than ObamaCare.

The reported “millions” that would “lose” coverage would do so voluntarily, because they would opt not to purchase health care Uncle Sam was no longer mandating.

It’s been well-documented that insurers have been withdrawing from exchanges and increasing premiums for years because ObamaCare is not sustainable.

With ObamaCare possibly on the way out don’t fall for the gloomy headlines.


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