In a nutshell, what’s wrong with Franklin

This mentality, posted on one of Franklin’s social media sites:

Franklin residents do NOT want more development and the city politicians have been elected accordingly…everything you could ever want is less than 15 minutes away. People need quiet, peaceful communities to go home to relax, raise kids, and unwind. Communities need wild spaces untouched by man where nature is simply left to grow and flourish.

Amazes and saddens me how many people in today’s society consider a wooded lot to be “wasted space” but a Meijer parking lot to be “progress”.

Franklin doesn’t need more development and the traffic and crush of humanity that comes with it, they need to leave it as is.

Maybe instead of turning the movie theater which is now a hidden gem into a Budget theater they should just tear it down and turn it into a park. THAT would be progress. Anyone who wants to see a movie at a budget rate can make the extra 10 minute drive to 27th street which is already a crowded nightmare of “human progress”

Totally backwards.

One thought on “In a nutshell, what’s wrong with Franklin

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