The latest pro-life news (06/19/17)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Center for Medical Progress

The man behind the undercover videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby body part sales is still facing criminal charges.

Late last month, David Daleiden and his team of criminal defense attorneys allegedly flouted multiple injunctions and court-issued seals by posting more shocking videos of abortion providers and identifying 14 of the John/Jane Does participating in the state criminal complaint against him and his recording partner Sandra Merritt.

Those names were previously under a court seal.

This apparent defiance of court orders may end up landing Daleiden and his attorneys in contempt of both state and federal court, potentially resulting in fines and jail time — and disbarment for the lawyers.

Daleiden’s work once caused multiple congressional investigations and nearly shut down the government.

Read the rest here.

See additional coverage of Daleiden’s case at the National Catholic Register and Life Site News.

Pro-Life News

A CENTURY OF BRUTALITY: Planned Parenthood is functioning today as its eugenics-obsessed founders intended. PLW: Planned Parenthood is proud of its racist, classist founder Margaret Sanger.

CATHOLICS: Pope Francis has appointed 50 academics as new members of the Pontifical Academy for Life last month. One of the appointees to the Vatican’s pro-life academy is Nigel Biggar, a philosopher who supports abortion and believes it is morally acceptable to abort a person. PLW: As Christians, we must uphold the belief that all human life is worth protecting because we are made in God’s image and likeness.

MICHIGAN: It’s been almost two weeks since the Legislature approved a state license plate in order for an anti-abortion group to fundraise off it, but the legislation still hasn’t been put in front of Governor Rick Snyder for his signature. PLW: Choose Life license plates help raise funds and awareness for pregnancy resource centers. Wisconsin’s Choose Life plates should be available this fall.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: The Seattle Storm are showing their support for Planned Parenthood by holding a rally and donating a portion of ticket sales for a game next month to the organization. PLW: Many organizations have helped fund abortion giant Planned Parenthood, but as pro-life youth grow, those organizations will see diminished returns and fewer fan support.

RELIGION: Christian and Jewish clergy members have been part of the movement for reproductive rights for decades. Religious denominations, such as the Anglican Communion, the United Church of Christ, and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), have passed resolutions supporting birth control. PLW: It takes a lot of twisting of Jesus’ words to say abortion is OK.

SCIENCE: How aware are fetuses of the outside world? Previous research has found that late in the third trimester, they can respond to their mother’s voice and even music. British scientists recently took our understanding one step farther. Researchers at Lancaster University projected light inside the uteruses of pregnant mothers. Some contained an image much like a face, including eyes and a nose. PLW: Even if preborn children couldn’t recognize their mother’s voice, the argument stays the same: abortion is wrong because it kills an innocent human person.

UNPLANNED: About 61 percent of Canadian women have had an unintended pregnancy, according to a national survey to be released this week. PLW: Unplanned shouldn’t mean unwanted. We must find ways to better equip mothers to handle the unexpected.

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From WI Right To Life.


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