Conservatives Demand GOP Congressmen Give Trump a Vigorous Defense


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Conservatives Demand GOP Congressmen Give Trump a Vigorous Defense FedUp PAC Conservatives expect Republicans in Congress to forcefully defend President Trump against liberal and Deep State efforts to drive him from office according to a poll by FedUP PAC. The need for Congressional Republicans “to be much more outspoken in their defense of Trump” was affirmed by 99% of the respondents. There is a great need for Republicans to be . . .

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Impeachment Without Proof Emerging As Deep State Choice for Overturning 2016 Election FedUp PAC Liberal columnist Ruth Marcus let the cat out of the bag last weekend when her column set forth the strategy likely to be followed by those working to force President Trump from office and make it as if the 2016 election had never taken place. According to Marcus, impeachment of Trump is the most important part of this strategy. Her reasoning is that “lawmakers would not be bound by the . . . .

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The Democrats’ War To Drive Christians Out Of Government FedUp PAC “When the Democratic Party scrubbed the mention of God from its platform and delegates to the Democratic National Convention booed any mention of God it was clear to most movement conservatives that Democrats had become the official party of the anti-religious Left. What was not clear then, but is crystal clear now, is just how vicious and deeply personal the Democrats’ war . . .

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Is the anti-Trump vitriol from Dems in Congress and media responsible for a climate of hate and violence that led to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise?
Last Wednesday a man with a long history of Trump-hating comments and activity opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen and their staff, wounding Rep. Steve Scalise and four others. Do you think the constant and extreme attacks on President Trump created the climate which was responsible for this violence?

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