A friend and colleague desperately needs help

I typically don’t post anything like this on my blog. I’m making an exception for someone I know and associate with.

She’s Michelle Walters who, like me, does scoring and timing for high school and college basketball in the area.

She sent me the following and I pass along hoping you can help and/or spread the word around, and thank you.

Fellow officials and friends,

I don’t normally like to get my personal business out there, but my brother and his family are need of help. As you may know, there was an accident on 20th and Fond du Lac last Friday morning where a lady sped up to beat a red light and hit 3 pedestrians. My brother is one of those pedestrians and the only one still hospitalized. He took the blunt of the hit and has 2 broken legs, a broken pelvis, a broken arm, and a burst lumbar in his back. He has been in and out of surgery all weekend with another surgery tomorrow. He will also need several skin graphs on his left arm from the impact on the cement after being hit. He has 3 kids ages 3, 1, and 12 days. He is still in ICU and we are not sure yet if he will be able to walk. Luckily I come from a family of 10 kids and several cousins who have been a great support system. He is likely to be in the hospital for a month or longer with a long road ahead of recovery and follow up surgeries. You may have seen my mom on the news over the weekend talking about him and his family and how my sisters have set up a gofundme page to help with his medical costs. We are looking into having a benefit this summer also. If you are unable to assist monetarily, please pray for him, his wife, his two little girls and his newborn son.

We are collecting items for baskets for a silent auction. If you, or you know of someone, who can donate any items for us to use for our benefit in late July/August, let me know. I will come pick items up. I will let you know when we have settled on a date and location for the benefit. There is a link below to one of the stories and the gofundme page. Please keep praying for him and his family!

Thanks everyone,


The family has set up a GoFundMe.com account to help pay medical costs and day-to-day expenses while Walters recovers.

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