Guest Blog: GOP, Time to Fight Like Hell

By Bob Dohnal
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Where the hell are you all?  We cannot hear you.  Trump is taking all the grief and the GOP/Conservatives are hiding under the table??

What good are you?  Ryan is fighting, Priebus is fighting, Scott is fighting, Grothmann is fighting!!  Get off your duffs!!

Listened to Rush today and we need to change strategies:   First, get off the floor.  Then reassess your strategy.  Instead of being outraged, I knew that in a debate, that if I was outraged, I would lose. But, as Patton said:  “Let the other guy get outraged, you fight for your country!”

Trump has fought everyone off for two years, and he is still standing.  How many people could have done that?  If Romney would have had 25% of Trump’s Fight, he would have won!!!

The left fights dirty, nasty, rotten, slimy.  Look at these two clowns leading them now: Perez/Ellison! Would you hire them to sell Used Cars?

We do not fight at all.

All we get is excuses from our people, except for a few.  We let Nixon go down without a real fight. Review what he did and compare to what Obama/Lynch has done and his efforts were minimal.  He had 550,000 troops in battle and was being raped by the Left that started the whole mess.

Now Trump was Left with 3 wars, N.Korean mess, Iran mess, bad economy, low employment, Immigration void, our defenses weakened and what else?

Fight them on the beaches, the hills, the fields, the taverns, Fish Fries, wherever.

Churchill would not have given in to the Nazis, why should we give in to these creeps?

Look at the quality of the Trump team compared to the Obama Lightweights:  Rice, Biden, Lynch, Holder, their goofy Chairman, now and before, Perez/ Ellison. That is a team?  I would take Mattis, Ryan, Pence, Tillerson, Devos, and McMaster any day, if I was in the trenches.

Let us hear some roars for once.

Treat them with disdain, irritate them.

They are down to their knickers now, they have few people in power, but we act as if we were crippled!!

The MS Media and the Leaky Never Trumpers are pathetic.  The whole bunch of them have never accomplished a thing, but being critics. Laugh at them. Ridicule them. Make Fun of them.

That is what I have been doing to the Journal editors, the press, the others.  They really get pissed, that is what we want.

Do not let them make us mad. Get even as Bobby Kennedy used to say.

Stop pretending that Trump is Humpty Dumpty. He has become Super Trump and Wonder Woman for a wife.

So write letters, tweets, emails, Linked Inn, Facebook, never stop.

Pass this on, sign up for Facebook:  Wisconsin Conservative Digest or debate at Wisconsin Conservative Union.

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