The latest pro-life news (06/12/17)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

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Pro-Life News

AN END TO SUFFERING: Society’s primary purpose is now understood to be the elimination of suffering. In this climate, killing that is motivated by “compassion” often finds strong public support. PLW: Christ tells us to pick up our cross and follow him, and we know that suffering is a part of life. Current trends try to end all suffering, by taking life.

SIDEWALK COUNSELING: Pro-life activist Michael Sweeney stood outside of the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood abortion facility on May 24, attempting to offer help to women seeking abortions as he so often does. But what started as a routine shift at the abortion facility would soon change into an intense effort to save a baby, and later the life of its mother. PLW: This tragic story of a life lost shows just how important sidewalk counselings are – and how often hearts can be changed.

SOUTH CAROLINA: South Carolina Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant signaled his commitment to protecting unborn babies this week by promising to reject next year’s budget if it funds abortion groups. PLW: Bryant is sacrificing a lot to stand up for what he believes in as an elected official. We need more like him in office.

TEEN PREGNANCY: Government cuts to the funding of sex education and contraceptive services have contributed to a drop in the rates of teenage pregnancies to their lowest level since 1969. PLW: This study looked at pregnancy rates AFTER mandated sex education was CUT. Pregnancies dropped more than 40 percent.

DEMOCRATS: I’m so baffled by the spate of high-ranking Democrats suggesting that the left abandon reproductive rights as a core principle. PLW: Voters show up for core issues – and for pro-life voters, abortion is the core issue. For many pro-choicers, abortion isn’t a core issue, and Democrats lose when they focus on it.

DESPAIR: Track star and Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross “fell into the depths of despair” after having an abortion just weeks before competing in the 2008 Games, she wrote in her newly-released memoir Chasing Grace. PLW: These are the stories that Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates don’t want to hear, that mothers are broken after abortion.

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From WI Right To Life.


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