Guest Blog: “The Russkies are Coming”

By  Guest Blogger
Robert Dohnal
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

The “Russians are Coming” was a comedy by Norman Jewison, 50 years ago, pimping the scare tactics of the day.  Well it is true again.  The nutty left invent this to cover up for their loss in the election last year.  It was a real “Wag the Dog” scenario.

Nothing really happened but they had to get everyone’s attention away from the fact that the left was a minority party that never accomplishes anything, except labeling bathrooms.

So far, it has been successful, because no one knew what was happening.  They, with the help of the Media and the Soros money had to hire Klu Klux Klan types in black robes, to protest, and have kept everyone on edge.

Will the Media ever start reporting honestly on these unsourced stories with their basic: who, what, why, where and when?  Journal has ignored those guidelines the last 20 years.  Why, because they are leaders of the Dump Trump movement.

Paid riots are protesting the Trump good guys across the country. The press praises it as a good reaction to Trump being elected.

Press and Dem Leaders vow to drive Trump from office, in the first two years, so as to install Pence, a hard right Conservative as president, then try to devour him.

They forget how tough Trump is, growing up in the construction business, filled with some of the biggest crooks in business, even tougher than the crooks in politics.

The faithful has echoed their calls but the worst is the Chicken Little followers in the press, like the Milwaukee Journal, that daily puts outright lies on their front page. When they are disproved, they never put that up, just another lie.

The latest was that the Prez would not let Comey testify because Donald was scared of what Comey would say. They did not know that Comey was leaking all over the place.  Another Mark Felt.

Now we know why Trump might’ve asked Comey for loyalty.

The FBI leaders have a very checkered past with leakers like Comey galore.

We have Hoover who blackmailed, bribed, corrupted everyone, then Mark Felt who was “Deep Throat”, and too many others to mention.

Having the head of the FBI on your side gives you a hand up against the other side.

See, the Left lives and dies with the govt.  That is their job, livelihood, money, graft, corruption.  The left never runs anything well, but who cares, as long as they get their cut.

But the Comey hearings backfired.  Today the headline should be: “Comey is leaker, liar,” but that will not happen.  It will be something milk toast against Trump.  One dippy TV guy, Keith Olberman, even said that Trump and Kushner should have been arrested after the hearing.

But the Left never rests.  Conservatives work hard for the election, then they go back to bed, or when the shooting starts, they form circle and shoot in.

We still have a bunch of the “Superior Intellects” like Never Trumpers and those that wished for Hilary to win because the thought of the proletariat having a candidate was just too much for them.

The Big Money still wants more big money, and the way to get it is where the gold is, in the govt, not the banks anymore.

Why rob banks and get shot when you can rob the govt. and get awards?

We are calling for the Conservatives to develop some back bone, form a circle around our guys and shoot out.  Back them up.  Write letters to the editor, protest the left, talk to your friends, help win the battle.  That really puts starch in their kilts, if the grassroots is there backing them.

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