Editorial slams Craig and Felzkowski, authors of “Right to Carry”

Take a guess as to why.

Instructor Andre Queen works with students on proper technique for holding their gun during a training course in 2013 for people planning to apply for a conceal carry permit.

From the Racine Journal Times:

Six years ago, after months of often contentious debate, the state Legislature approved a concealed-carry law for the citizens of Wisconsin and Gov. Scott Walker signed it into law.

Part of the “sell” for the concealed-carry law were the assurances that law-abiding citizens would be required to have a background check to prove they aren’t felons and to undergo some basic firearms training as a safety measure.

But now, in a classic example of bait and switch, a pair of Republican legislators – Sen. David Craig, R-Town of Vernon (who represents the Waterford area of Racine County), and Rep. Mary Felzkowski, R-Irma, want to renege on that commitment and eliminate permit and training requirements.

That’s a bad idea.

And we’re not the only ones who think so.

Read the entire editorial here.

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