Franklin not celebrating

According to

“During their peak in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, there were more than 4000 Drive-in Theaters in the United States (where they were invented), as well as another several hundred in Canada and Australia. But the iconic drive-in theaters began to close in large numbers starting in the 1970’s and now over 90% of them have gone dark for good. But the drive-in movie theater is not dead and fortunately there are currently about 335 drive-ins still open in the United States.”

It’s practically dead in Wisconsin that has less than a dozen today, none close to Franklin, although our city did enjoy the outdoor ritual at one time.

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The 41 Twin Outdoor Theatre was located at 7701 S. 27th Street.

I believe there was also a drive-in on Highway 100 in Franklin. If anyone can confirm please do so in the comment section.

The last drive-in movie I saw was back in 1981.

Not exactly romantic, but then again all I seem to remember is that Kurt Russell starred. 🙂

The closest I’ve been to since?

The magic of Disney World and the SCI-FI DINE-IN Theater Restaurant.

6 thoughts on “Franklin not celebrating

    • Again, sad, but true.

      I would hope someone with greater historical perspective will come forward and post, if not here, elsewhere, about a significant chunk of Franklin’s history.

      Janet, I’m just guessing you’ve been to a drive-in or two.

      If you don’t respond that’s as good as a response. 🙂


  1. LOL, or four — but again, don’t go there. But a funny drive-in memory is from one just north of Hollywood, FL that was located along a canal. There were what we called “canal rats” that would feed on trash tossed out on the ground and every once in awhile you would see popcorn boxes actually moving along the pavement (with a critter inside it). It was best to stay in your car once it got dark.

    You’ll have to contact Doug Schmidt and see if he is the keeper of Franklin’s drive-in history. I’ve never seen it reported, and from the links we found, there’s not much out there.


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