Today’s highly interesting read (05/30/17): More Democrats see voter fraud as a problem and ID laws as a solution

Supporters of voter ID have known for many years that the group is more than conservatives. Democrats including minorities and the elderly approve of the requirement to vote.

Now comes a report in the Washington Times about a study/survey conducted by two professors demonstrating Democrats not only back voter ID, they see it as a solution to a problem. Bet you won’t hear all that much on this in the media.

“Most Americans, including Democrats, think voter fraud is a real problem and don’t mind voter ID laws as a solution, according to academic research that suggests Republicans are winning the argument over voting rights and suppression.”


One of the co-authors of the study, Patrick Miller, a liberal political science professor at the University of Kansas, couldn’t even bring himself to concede the truth of his very own findings. From the Washington Times:

“Republican voters view voter ID as a moral issue — a question of right or wrong. Democrats, meanwhile, ‘were victims of their own ignorance,’ the study concluded, not realizing that favoring voter ID could hurt their party’s goals.”

So if you’re a Democrat and you agree with Republicans on voter ID laws, according to the learned professor, that makes you…ignorant!

The University of Kansas where Miller works also published an article about the study that reads, in part:

Miller said separate from this study, other researchers have found that voter fraud occurs very rarely, and if it does, it is often because of clerical error and not malicious intent. However, much of the public believes voter fraud is a widespread problem and that voter ID laws are a potential solution.

African-Americans, Latinos, young voters, senior citizens and the poor are typically the most vulnerable to strict voter ID laws because they tend disproportionately to not have a government-issued photo IDs and tend to have the greatest difficulty obtaining that identification. However, Miller said, Americans in those subgroups also overwhelmingly support voter ID laws, believe that voter fraud is widespread, and reject the notion that voter ID suppresses turnout.

In a way, absolutely stunning, but not surprising to what proponents of voter ID have been saying for years. That’s why it’s highly unlikely this gets major news coverage.

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