“Blue Lives Matter” laws are ‘alarming’ to guess who?

On April 6, 2017, a state Assembly committee in Madison held a public hearing on Assembly Bill 48, the “Blue Lives Matter” bill.

The bill expands the persons who can be a victim of what is commonly known as a “hate crime” to include law enforcement officers. A hate crime is a crime in which the perpetrator selects the victim due to a perception or belief regarding the victim, such as the victim’s race, religion, color, or disability, or, under this bill, status as a law enforcement officer.

No action has been taken on the bill so far (BTW, Franklin’s state Senator, my state Senator, Dave Craig has not signed on as a co-sponsor of this bill).

Many states have passed this type of legislation in a response to the increase in assaults on police officers.

I strongly support this bill. It’s good legislation.

Seems the Associated Press doesn’t agree. To fulfill their template they sent out, not one, but two staffers to report that “Blue Lives Matter” policies are alarming…to activists and protesters.

Count me as unsympathetic.

Here’s the AP story.



One thought on ““Blue Lives Matter” laws are ‘alarming’ to guess who?

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