Conservatives Confident Trump Will Be Cleared by Probe


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Conservatives Confident Trump Will Be Cleared by Probe FedUp PAC Conservatives expect President Trump to be fully vindicated by the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. Mueller will find no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, say 98% of those answering the poll, while only 1% think the investigation will turn up some connection. Trump and those around him . . .

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Can Trump Make Our Elections Honest? FedUp PAC What incredible irony. More than one thousand outraged Bernie Sanders Democrats, complaining that an election had been stolen because voters had not been required to show proper ID before casting their ballots. That was the scene at last weekend’s Democratic convention in California, where the candidate of the Sanders wing was declared the loser by a razor-thin . . .

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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Irascible impeachment talk is Democrats’ most asinine rant to date FedUp PAC “The four month anniversary of Donald Trump’s historic presidency passed last weekend with the president and first lady embarking on their inaugural overseas diplomatic trip, an occasion that would typically be observed with some gravity by Americans across the fruited plain as proof positive that our brilliant constitutional system of peacefully transferring power . . .

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Should the News Media Be Forced to Reveal Anti-Trump Leakers?
The liberal media have received a flood of confidential material from Federal government employees, some of whom are committing a crime by leaking classified information. Should reporters be required to identify the criminal leakers and, if they refuse, be jailed for contempt (as happened to Judith Miller when she refused to identify her sources during an investigation of the Bush administration?

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