Some quick notes (05/26/17)

1) Fox 6 has reported that 6 sex offenders are suing the city of Milwaukee over its ordinance that restricts where they can live. The offenders say they can’t find a place because the ordinance is too strict.

This was bound to happen. Milwaukee is densely populated with lots of schools, parks, etc. As the Journal Sentinel reported last year about the city’s law:

The ordinance bans many sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of areas where children are commonly found, such as schools, parks and day care centers. In Milwaukee, that means hundreds of sex offenders are limited to 117 possible housing units. And even those 117 units might not be available to rent or buy.

Thus, a federal lawsuit. No surprise.

2) Without much fanfare the Franklin Public Schools have a new superintendent.  Franklin is calling the position a district administrator, but in effect it’s a superintendent.

Dr. Judy Mueller, the current director of human resources at FPS, replaces Steve Patz who retired earlier this year.

With more than 30 years in education Mueller is highly regarded.  She doesn’t appear to have, that I’m aware of, any agenda like her predecessor, Steve “Tax, spend and build, tax, spend and build” Patz.

I wish her the best of luck, but urge her to remember she works for the school board, not the other way around. And please, go easy on the already beleaguered Franklin taxpayers.

3) We will be posting all of our regular blogs this holiday weekend. Please stop by if and when you can. It all starts with our music features tonight.

4) Over on my wife’s blog, news from Gov. Walker, mattresses, romantic GIFs, and more. Check it out.

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