A disgusting reversal against police by a biased WI newspaper

If this isn’t a blatant example of liberal media bias it’s a clear case of wimpy, weak, flip- flopping by a daily newspaper in Wisconsin.

At first the Janesville Gazette spoke in support of “Support the Badge” yard signs.

And then the paper did a preposterous, despicable about-face.


In their own words:

In retrospect, some in the newsroom believe attaching The Gazette’s name to the signs was a mistake. Many people view the signs as having a political meaning, and some people could view The Gazette as aligning itself with those who oppose efforts to expose racial injustices.

Our intent was to draw positive attention to law enforcement, but some people, minorities in particular, might feel The Gazette is taking sides in the public debate over law enforcement’s use of deadly force.

Our staff, and particularly our journalists and editors in the newsroom, work to ensure readers perceive the newspaper as impartial in its coverage. The placement of The Gazette’s logo on these signs could raise questions about The Gazette’s impartiality. It shouldn’t. Our job is to remain impartial.



That’s an obvious admission of liberal bias (“some in the newsroom believe attaching The Gazette’s name to the signs was a mistake”).

The Janesville Gazette got immediate and appropriate reaction from readers.

So you regret backing the badge. Would you regret backing the fire department or the EMTs or any of the first responders? The Gazette really needs a disclaimer on ‘Our Views’ that says the views reflected by the liberal who writes ‘Our Views’ do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the entire Gazette staff

I consider it a cowardly act on the part of The Gazette to withdraw your support from the men and women who sacrifice for our community. I will not purchase or even look at another Janesville Gazette until you give a positive demonstration of support for the men and women of our law enforcement agencies.

Rest assured, Gazette, I’ll remove your logo from my sign and urge others to do the same.

And the managers of papers like the Janesville Gazette, in total denial, wonder why their circulation is down.

Shame on them.

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