Today’s highly interesting read (05/24/17): Some Black Lives Don’t Matter


Black Lives Matter protesters at a Police Commissioners meeting in Los Angeles.

When I worked at WUWM I produced an award-winning documentary in the late 1980’s about black-on-crime.

One of the persons I interviewed was Dr. Carl Bell of Chicago who told me black-on-crime was so serious the matter should be considered a national public health issue.

I found a People article from 1988 about Bell and his crusade to stop black-on-black murders that included talking to pre-teens. His stunning message was a precursor to the extreme violence that has overwhelmed Chicago today.

Surveys conducted by Bell among 536 children in three public schools in a high crime area on the South Side of Chicago reveal that by age 11, four of every five of those black children have personally witnessed a beating. One out of three has seen a stabbing or shooting. Now he plans to deliver a little shock talk to his preteen-age audience.

“I’m here today to talk about the leading cause of death among black males between 15 and 44,” he begins. “The cause is murder.

“Now why are all these black men being murdered?

 “The answer is ‘us’ and ‘guns.’

“If you have a loaded gun in your home, that gun is 118 times more likely to kill a family member or a friend than a burglar. But for every murder, there are 100 other acts of black-on-black violence—sexual molestations, rapes, robberies and physical assaults. And do you know what sends more black mothers to the emergency room than all the auto accidents, muggings and rapes combined? Husbands, that’s who. We have got to teach black people to stop beating each other to pieces right in their own living rooms.”

Carl Bell is a rare exception.

Since I worked on that documentary in the 80’s right up through the present I’ve witnessed a total lack of concern among black officials who feel those who try to raise awareness are racist and/or blame victims.

So they don’t talk about it, and thus, do nothing about it.

Today’s related read is from Heather McDonald.


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