Today’s highly interesting read (05/23/17): ‘Getting A License In This State Has Been A Nightmare’

Wisconsin’s licensing problem is very simple to explain and understand.

Bradford Collins was earning a comfortable living doing remodeling and construction plumbing jobs for Chicago Land’s rich and famous. All of that experience, all of that training, and the certification that came with it, amounted to nothing when Collins, 46, moved to Green Bay six years ago to be closer to his kids.

The state told Collins he’d have to enter an apprenticeship program for five years before he could even think about taking the test to earn his plumber’s license.

“I realized this guy was getting a raw deal,” Jacque said. “I mentioned to some students from my district who were touring the Capitol that this would be one of the things discussed by the (Joint Finance) committee. I told them that it would be like if they completed fifth grade and moved to Minnesota or Illinois and were told they had to start all over in kindergarten again.”

Today’s entire read is here.


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