UPDATE: Planned sale of Milw. County land to Mike Zimmerman would be a big boost for Ballpark Commons

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The update:

Sean Ryan, more than anyone else, and that would include the mediocre at best news crew at the former FranklinNOW.com.site, mysouthnow.com, has consistently been on top of developments regarding Ballpark Commons.

In another article (available online only to subscribers) Ryan opens his article about the landfill in Franklin with this:

The land deal for the Ballpark Commons development in Franklin is unusual. Rarely will a developer spend so much time negotiating to buy a landfill. But that’s what would happen in the 140-acre deal negotiated between Milwaukee County
officials and Mike Zimmerman’s ROC Ventures.

As reported, Zimmerman buys the land and converts it into Ballpark Commons, a minor league baseball stadium, golf driving range, indoor sports training center, and supporting restaurants and stores.

You either love that idea, a major economic development in the economic development desert that is Franklin, or you live in the Flintstones era and want nothing in our city that is more modern than a rickshaw.

Ryan also reports:

Zimmerman said his negotiations with Milwaukee County started 18 months ago, and they originally discussed extending their existing deal for The Rock, which is similar to a lease for the land. Under that deal, the county is responsible for running the landfill gas system on the property. But it wasn’t doable, and the county instead floated the idea of a sale.

“I, in the early stages, thought it was a crazy idea,” Zimmerman said.

Over the past several months they forged a new idea for Zimmerman to take ownership of the land. Instead of paying cash for it, his group would basically accept the cost and responsibility of the landfill.

The Milwaukee County Board takes up the sale at its meeting scheduled for May 25.

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