This hasn’t happened in Franklin…

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This hasn’t happened in Franklin…


The installation of tornado warning sirens in Franklin was a perfect example of the city of Franklin’s wasteful spending.

“But everybody else in Milwaukee County has them!”

Right. Now there’s a good reason to go out and totally blow thousands of dollars.

The following is a public service announcement. Here are some tips from me posted on a previous blog about handling severe weather.

1) During tornado season, do not, I repeat, do not trust meteorologists. I worked with a whole bunch of them at WTMJ. One of them told me weather forecasting is not an exact science.

2) If we are not to trust meteorologists, then who, or what? Boy, you’re good, and catching on fast. Keep reading.

3) During any possibility of tornado-like weather, do not watch television. Hmmm, Kev. Makes sense, especially given what you wrote in #2.

4) During any possibility of tornado-like weather, do not listen to the radio, even if power went out. Hmmm. Well if we shouldn’t watch TV we surely shouldn’t listen to AM or FM. Thumbs up on that one, Kev.

5) Should we wait to hear from the Journal Sentinel? Are you kidding me?

6) What about the Internet like the CommunityNOW sites? ? Hmmmm. Let’s see. The NOW priorities. Celebrity car washes. Bake sales. Library calendar. Oh, yes. After all of that, THEN the latest and most accurate weather forecast.

7) No TV, radio, or Internet? Kevin, dear God, then what? A tornado warning siren you silly. Keep reading.

8) This goes without saying but during potentially ominous weather refrain from passing the time indoors playing Twister.

9) You’re outside having a party on a patio and it gets pitch black and the winds are howling. You think of moving inside. Should you?

Good question.

Have you heard a tornado warning siren yet?

No, you say? Then don’t.

Party on!

10) A tornado warning siren. That’s like…technology, right?


No siren? Obviously that means no tornado…


Whatever you do, do not, DO NOT purchase a weather radio for $10-$20. Save that wasted expense to use on the countless retail and restaurant options available to consumers all throughout Franklin.

And we close with this from Dennis Mersereau who graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2014 with a degree in political science and a minor in meteorology. Previously running Gawker’s weather blog, The Vane, for nearly two years, he currently contributes to several blogs. He also teamed up with the editors of Outdoor Life to write a book, The Extreme Weather Survival Manual, which came out in October 2015.

Why Do Communities Keep Wasting Money on Useless Tornado Sirens?

The droning wail of a tornado siren is ubiquitous in the southern and central parts of the United States. These loud sirens are meant to warn people who are outdoors that a tornado is on its way. Now that we’re indoors or in a car for most of our lives, tornado sirens are all but useless, yet we keep wasting money on them.

There are millions of people across this country putting their lives on the line by listening for a sound they can’t hear.

If communities really want to help people protect themselves from life-threatening severe weather, they should demolish their siren systems and invest in automated weather radios. Remove the dependency on an unreliable system and replace them with life-saving radios right in your living room.

Tornado sirens were a great idea fifty years ago, but they’re increasingly obsolete and growing more dangerous with every severe storm that blows through. It’s time to cut the cord and bring severe weather safety into the 21st century.


4 thoughts on “This hasn’t happened in Franklin…

  1. Yes but it can also be used to warn us to go into our bomb shelters and duvk and cover. No wait. … that was 50 – 60 years ago.


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