Guest Blog: Liberal Lies

By Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Liberal Lies

Comey Expanding Russia Investigation:

Justice Dept. denied that late last night.  Comey was not asking for more money, or expanding Russia investigation. The left just lies and lies, to cover up their failures.

There is not one shred of evidence, or even a crime that anyone, knows of, about the Russian/Trump collusion before election.

Everyone knows that campaigns, candidates, including the Clintons, talked to Russia/China etc. all the time to take positions on issues.

Comey has told Trump, on several occasions that there is not a criminal investigation of him going on, it is an intelligence failure investigation.

So, if there is no crime uncovered, or any collusion uncovered, according to Clapper, and many others, what are they doing???

AnswerDriving Trump from Office.

What bothers me is that the Wis. GOP stands silent. It does not back up our team of Trump/Priebus/Ryan. Ryan does. And is the Bradley Foundation in back of some of this?  We know that the Koch’s and other GOP establishment (figures) are. Hell, their little theocracies invented Trump, because the elite ignores the locals and the grassroots.

Journal front page:

Journal claims that Comey is expanding probe.  Not one scintilla of evidence of that, not one claim for more money went to the Justice Dept, not one iota of truth in the Journal article.

Opioids in back of heroin deaths

Another lie.  While these things have contributed to the huge increase in heroin overdoses, the pot use, legalization etc. pushed by the left corresponds with the increase in use and disaster of heroin/fentanyl etc.  More deaths than guns and road kill, and yet the Journal lies.

Journal again lies, calls Ryan a liar:

My son flies helicopters for the Navy Seals. They have been grounded most of the last year: no parts or mechanics.  Obama has wrecked our defenses. Why?  If we do not have an army, the world will love us??? Ryan says this and the Journal calls him a liar. No wonder no one reads the damn rag anymore.

Basic rules of Journalism, learned them 50 years ago:  Who, what, when, where, why.  If those questions are not answered, article is crap.

Please forward:

We need people to come in and fight, as most of the GOP in this state is asleep.  Join us and return fire so people get the truth.

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