Today’s highly interesting read (05/10/17): These writers get it about Comey

Not surprisingly the lefties in the mainstream media are hyperventilating about President Trump’s appropriate dumping of James Comey.

They’re up in arms, blasting the timing as they continue their daily quest to find anything to crucify the president.

One moderator on public radio (of course) called the firing a “constitutional crisis.”

There have been countless comparisons to Watergate. Trump’s action has been labelled “Nixonian.”

Not everyone in the media hates Trump.

Kyle Wingfield writes in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“It’ll be one more log on the bonfire built by those convinced they can undermine the credibility of the Trump presidency and possibly even force him out of the White House — even though just hours earlier, many of those same people were complaining that Comey had once again betrayed the bias or hostility toward Hillary Clinton that led him to submarine her campaign days before the election.”

And John Podhoretz cuts through the ultra-thick hypocrisy of the left:

What Comey did on July 5 of last year in announcing his decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton in the email investigation was a travesty. If, as he and everyone else has said, it was the unanimous decision of those looking at all of the evidence not to seek an indictment, it was a misuse of his power and authority to take to a podium and criticize her for her behavior. Indeed, his speech was so savagely negative, it sure sounded like he was going to announce an indictment referral up until the moment he declared he would not do so. That was not right, it was not just, and it was not proper.

He cleared her by casting a giant shadow over her campaign. This was prosecutorial indiscretion, and in my view, Barack Obama should have fired him right then and there.

But Trump did the firing.

Thus, it’s catastrophic.


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