Opioid Epidemic

By Guest Blogger Robert Dohnal, RPH
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

I can vividly remember my first lecture, in the UW Hospital, about the problems with opioids, Heroin and growing pot.  Cocaine, fentanyl, acid, etc. were not a factor, yet.  This was 1960.

The MD who was in charge of narcotics problems in UW Hospital said, “Heroin is ten times more powerful than morphine.”

“Once you are a full blown addict, on heroin, you are just like an alcoholic, one step away from disaster daily.” Read about Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

We had just seen: “Man With The Golden Arm” with Sinatra. Start of the drug problem.

Daily we read headlines of Opium babies that have escalated dramatically since then.

I have followed this relentlessly, throughout the years, worked to start the first methadone clinic in Milwaukee, a stopgap measure. I was a clinical pharmacist in rehab facilities where I supervised operations and can tell you two things.

First: The higher use of opioids for pain started way before the heroin epidemic. Therefore to blame all of it on that is stupid. The real blame is the explosion of pot.

Second:  When pot sales went down, for the cartels in Corrupt Mexico, the cartels turned to heroin/fentanyl etc. for profits.

That is why we have a heroin epidemic.

Add the now gray death mixes of fentanyl and derivatives.

Deaths in USA from overdoses are worse than autos, guns, and alcohol, and are exploding. This is a major problem.

Milwaukee is the headquarters for these problems, though they reach throughout the state.  Milwaukee cuts police and programs in order to build arenas and trolleys.  Deaths go up.

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