Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: “It’s You”

This week’s oldie dates back to 1973.

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard it in 44 years, if at all.

The performing group was a sextet from Bilbao, Spain, comprised of a vocal trio of sisters and a few guitar players. Choosing not the most original name, they called themselves “Voces y Guitarras” (Voices and Guitars).

It didn’t last long. Soon the group became “Mocedades.”

In the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest Mocedades represented Spain. The group did well, but didn’t win, coming in second to Luxembourg. Even so, the song Mocedades sang grew in popularity.

“Eres tu”  was recorded on one side with an English version on the flip side. But disc jockeys felt the public enjoyed the all-Spanish version more. It got the airplay, and made it to the Top Ten on the Billboard chart.

It’s the only song to make the Billboard Top 10 that is fully sung in Spanish.

Mocedades flopped after this, their only hit.



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