UPDATE: Let’s see how much media coverage this gets

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150 Protests of Planned Parenthood Call for Defunding the Abortion Giant and Draw Attention to PP Killing the Unborn

But Defunding is at Risk of NOT Happening!

See Below!

“For us, it’s not about the STD testing obviously, it’s not even about contraception, it’s not even about the sexual ethic that is promoted by Planned Parenthood. It’s about abortion… We feel that an organization that discriminates against a people group — as they do against the unborn, to the point where they actually exterminate this people group — shouldn’t receive one red cent of federal funding. That’s what this is about.”  (Your CPLS Director quoted in the Michigan Daily newspaper, on this weekend’s ProtestPP events)

On Friday and Saturday April 28th and  29th 150 protests of Planned Parenthood took place all over the United States in the 2nd annual ProtestPP event sponsored by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, the Pro-Life Action League and Created Equal.

This time hardly any pro-abortion counter demonstrators showed up, unlike the last ProtestPP on Feb. 11th when many pro-lifers were seriously out-numbered by abortion supporters.  But, as I predicted, we were not going to see that happen again! As the saying goes, the other side “shot their wad” and simply do not have the commitment to activism as we have seen to be the case with the pro-life movement.

Andrea McKinnon sends her message at ProtestPP in Detroit

That is not to say that we will never see such numbers again! Just wait until PP is defunded.  The other side will be back on the street in droves—and we NEED TO BE READY!!

But this past weekend the streets belonged to us!  Enjoy these links to examples of very positive secular news stories below.

Feel free to send this memo to your own lists, your friends and family!

Call your congressmen and senators, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and TELL THEM you want to see Planned Parenthood DEFUNDED!

The Congressional switchboard number:   202-224-3121

Indeed, RIGHT NOW the defunding of PP is seriously at risk of not happening due to the threat of a government shutdown—But it could still be a reality via reconciliation of the proposed budget resolutions!

Reconciliation (United States CongressReconciliation is a legislative process of the United States Senate intended to allow consideration of a budget bill with debate limited to twenty hours under Senate rules. Because of this limited debate, reconciliation bills are not subject to the filibuster
in the Senate.

The exuberant youth group, the pro-life Flash Mob from Chicago participated in the protest of PP in Ann Arbor,MI.  Sixty yellow-clad, vocal and happy demonstrators joined the other eighty local pro-lifers for a very visible pro-life presence, celebrating life and calling for an end to abortion.

See this short and FUN You Tube video of the pro-life Flash Mob!​


News stories:

Michigan Daily Article on ProtestPP in Ann Arbor:

Nashville TN  Channel 5 News:

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