Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Godspell

“Godspell” was a musical about Jesus and his apostles that debuted Off Broadway in 1971. High budget it wasn’t, with cheap costuming and vaudeville-style production numbers.

“Godspell” came at a time when Christianity needed a sizeable spiritual boost. Pews were getting thinner and thinner, especially when it came to young folk. Vocations were hitting rock bottom.

Those young people, even though they turned their backs on church-going, still wanted a part of Christianity. “Godspell” with its hip Christian message (Jesus wore a Superman costume) was a perfectly timed way to entice them to maintain their faith, even if that wasn’t the intent of the director and actors.

“Day By Day,” a song from the musical taken from an ancient prayer was a hit single.

In 2011”Godspell” was revived on Broadway and opened at the Circle Theater in New York. This week’s forgotten oldie is taken from that 2011 soundtrack. The lead singer is Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, a group of pedestrians spontaneously broke out some dance moves for a flash mob. Dancing to the show’s hit tune, dozens of performers surprised onlookers and took to the street for the number.

Image result for image, photo,  godspell, Circle in the Square theater

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