4 thoughts on “Growing disappointment with Franklin alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm?

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  2. IF…and I use the big IF Kristen Wilhelm feels she has some type of mandate from those that voted for her, she is wrong. Her district had no choices, given the high amount of meetings missed by Wilhelm both City Council and her committees they were shortchanged as voters. Not to mention the vast amount of time she wastes at Council meetings berating developers and City planning staff on projects that Queen Wilhelm does not appove of. Withe the exception of Mike Zimmerman’s Ballpark Common Project. If she had given that even a quarter of the scrutiny she does everything else. Zimmerman would be running for his outdoor taverns.


    • I’d love to reply with concurrence. However that would send Kristen and her minions who have sipped her Kool-Aid into an absolute tizzy. Of course that would take several days for them to realize what had happened before you and I would be accused of misleading the public. That would be followed by a certified letter to my home demanding I immediately stop exercising my 1st Amendment rights as well as the subsequent crybaby phone call by Wilhelm to the mayor telling him to tell me to stop writing about her. Talk about wasting time better utilized to actually working for constituents.

      Absolutely undeniably pathetic.

      BTW Bryan, you know I support the ballpark project. Otherwise, brilliant comment on your part. Please move into my district and run against her.


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