Growing disappointment with Franklin alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm?

The numbers seem to bear that out.

Let’s begin with the obvious. For months everyone, I mean everyone knew Franklin alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm, running opposed, would win easily in Tuesday’s election.

Wilhelm did, racking up just a tad more than 97% of the vote.  She’s already bragging about it on social media.

NOT a news bulletin. Saw it coming even before Donald Trump was sworn in.

We’re about to throw some numbers at you. Knowing that Wilhelm herself LOVES writing about numbers she should find this interesting as soon as one of her minions forwards this blog to her in an all-out tizzy.

So, just stay with me. It will become very clear, I promise, quite possibly even to those who don’t fully appreciate the public service this blog provides.

RUNNING UNOPPOSED, in her 3rd aldermanic district, Wilhelm got 527 votes on Tuesday.

I repeat.

The magic number is 527.

For those who insist as Wilhelm does for numerical accuracy, Wilhelm got how many votes Tuesday?


Hope I’m not going too fast for anybody?

Kristen, am I doing OK so far?



Wouldn’t want to get another certified letter begging I not blog about you anymore.

BTW, Dave Pautz so far has nothing to do with this blog.

SPOILER ALERT: He has nothing to do with any of the rest as well.

We now return you to our regular blog.

Why is the 527 number for Wilhelm so important?

Well, for one thing, it’s what Wilhelm got. DUH.

But if you look at the vote totals compiled in her aldermanic district, and again, please follow along with me, you come up with the following.

In Wilhelm’s 3rd aldermanic district, just counting votes in her district for the mayoral portion of the ballot, there was a total of 743 ballots cast. That includes the small amount of write-ins.

Remember, Wilhelm ran unopposed. Lots of votes out there in her district, 743 to be exact.

If you’ve been following closely we’ve mentioned that Wilhelm garnered a total of 527 that she I’m sure has spent the last couple of days touting to all who would listen.

That means that 216 voters In Wilhelm’s district opted NOT to vote for her, leaving that circle on the ballot blank as I suggested in a pre-election blog.

Insignificant number?

I don’t think so.

If you’re a Kristen (I’ve taken the Kool-Aid) Wilhelm supporter, don’t go away. There’s more. There’s more.

On April 1, 2014, the alderwoman in question was running for re-election. Her opponent was a nice guy, Ray Lenz, but politically weaker than weak.  But Wilhelm had an opponent. Very important.

According to records I received today the City Clerk’s Office, with no apologies whatsoever to Wilhelm or her minions (HE’S MAKING IT UP, HE’S MAKING IT UP!), the numbers say:

Wilhelm: 614

Lenz: 196

To quote Oprah Winfrey, “Say what?”

Look. I’ve been around politics, covered politics, won awards for political coverage since 1978. There is absolutely no doubt that these numbers clearly demonstrate that even after Tuesday’s 97.05% showing that she ‘s not the darling of her district.

Here’s the deal.

She had an opponent in 2014, albeit a token. She won handily, and got 614 votes.

She had no opponent in April 2017. Taken into account she had no opposition in 2017, partly because her constituents supposedly we might be told they were so happy with her, she should have SURPASSED  her vote total of 2014, correct?

That would be not only the numerical but political conventional wisdom. In Wilhelm’s case, not so much.

In 2014 Wilhelm got 614 votes compared to 527 in 2017.

Think about that. If Wilhelm had managed to get just 88 of the 216 votes she DIDN’T GET this past Tuesday, she would have have beaten her vote total of 2014.  She didn’t.

If you’re an incumbent running unopposed and you’ve done such a terrific job you should have built your support. Wilhelm has not.

Unfortunately the arrogant, condescending Wilhelm won’ t allow her ego to understand. Meaning she’s emboldened and will continue to operate as usual. Meaning the future of Franklin suffers.

4 thoughts on “Growing disappointment with Franklin alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm?

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  2. IF…and I use the big IF Kristen Wilhelm feels she has some type of mandate from those that voted for her, she is wrong. Her district had no choices, given the high amount of meetings missed by Wilhelm both City Council and her committees they were shortchanged as voters. Not to mention the vast amount of time she wastes at Council meetings berating developers and City planning staff on projects that Queen Wilhelm does not appove of. Withe the exception of Mike Zimmerman’s Ballpark Common Project. If she had given that even a quarter of the scrutiny she does everything else. Zimmerman would be running for his outdoor taverns.


    • I’d love to reply with concurrence. However that would send Kristen and her minions who have sipped her Kool-Aid into an absolute tizzy. Of course that would take several days for them to realize what had happened before you and I would be accused of misleading the public. That would be followed by a certified letter to my home demanding I immediately stop exercising my 1st Amendment rights as well as the subsequent crybaby phone call by Wilhelm to the mayor telling him to tell me to stop writing about her. Talk about wasting time better utilized to actually working for constituents.

      Absolutely undeniably pathetic.

      BTW Bryan, you know I support the ballpark project. Otherwise, brilliant comment on your part. Please move into my district and run against her.


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