Today’s highly interesting read (04/03/17): SAHMs

Stay-at-Home moms.

Two years ago Allison B. Carter wrote in the NY Times that SAHMs did not have luxury jobs.

“ ‘Luxury’ is a loaded word. Yes, it is absolutely true that my husband and I are lucky that he has been able to secure and keep a job that can pay for us all to live.

“I am aware that there are many families who require a dual income to successfully sustain their children’s basic needs. Raising children is expensive and on the rise and, for many families, the financial equation is hard.

“So in some ways, yes, we are lucky that I can stay home. But a luxury is a nonessential item. An indulgence. What I do is essential and certainly not self-indulgent.”

Liz Pardue-Schultz, herself a former SAHM brought the wrath of many women upon her when she told SAHMs rather bluntly to shut the *** up.

“The negativity that comes behind SAHMs’ unabashed martyrdom is belittling to the entire parenting community. The truth is, for every mother who is happy with her choice to be a stay-at-home mother, there are at least three who are using its tribulations as a means to smugly declare their superiority to anyone within earshot. Being a stay-at-home mother to your own kids is not a ‘job,’ no matter how difficult it is or how hard we work. Getting to do nothing but raise a person you opted to bring into the world is a privilege, and calling it anything else is ignorant and condescending.”

Talk about needing to shut the **** up. I don’t know any SAHM who has played the martyr game. And I’m not sure I’d want or could handle an SAHM’s job, and IT IS a job.

Can it get worse, more evil than what Pardue- Schultz wrote?

Sadly, yes.Sadly, yes.

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