Remember this when you vote Tuesday

You will need it.


The poll workers will ask you for it.

So you’d better be ready.

In one of the many elections in 2016 (how many were there, 7, 8, 9?) I was asked for it and wasn’t exactly sure I had it.

It was on that occasion that I was confronted by Brunhilda the Poll Worker. She was ready for Election Day boot camp. Didn’t get up on the wrong side of the bed, she fell off of it.

Insisted on a Photo ID.

No problem, but I also have this officially sanctioned state of Wisconsin photo ID dangling around my neck, he stated, jokingly.

NO! The octogenarian screeched.

While taken aback, I wasn’t all that upset. After all, I’ve lived in Franklin since 1992 and this was the first time I had to go through Ma Barker to cast a ballot.

The photo ID wasn’t the issue. Something else, Brunhilda was insistent.

So, my friendly advice to you, know your WARD NUMBER, Franklin. If you’re in the wrong line, you just might be scolded if you (understandably) aren’t aware.

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