A new, ugly issue has surfaced in city of Franklin politics

UPDATE: Polls are closed. Time to see if Franklin wants to take steps to end dysfunction and move forward as a city.

Franklin is a very, very nice community. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t still be living here, having moved into the city in 1992.

Even so, Franklin isn’t perfect. It has its problems.

Taxing and spending. Obsessive. Outrageous.

I understand some disagree. They’re fine with and accept being fleeced.


Where’s the retail? Where’s the economic development? Something. Anything.

I understand some disagree. They would prefer we be a 1950’s desert.

These are hot buttons that have plagued Franklin for a long, long time. Just within the past few years a new dilemma has surfaced that is seriously damaging Franklin’s economic future and growth.

I understand this because I’ve been following Franklin politics and writing about it consistently, not just now at election time.

I have chronicled the cabal of destructiveness on the Common Council that has stood in the way of any possible forward progress for Franklin.

Kristen Wilhelm.

Steve Taylor.

Susanne Mayer.

Dan Mayer.

Since I was a fulltime journalist at WUWM and WTMJ that began in 1978,  I’ve never seen a group of locally elected officials act so disrespectfully and with such petty, personal agendas as the bunch that currently sits on the Franklin Common Council.

City politics is far too dysfunctional. It’s destroying any chance we have of thriving.

That’s the issue you should carry with you to the polls and think about when you vote Tuesday.

Want to avoid an even greater dysfunctional city government?

Don’t vote for a mayoral candidate who was booted out of office via recall more than 20 years ago for numerous problems.

Don’t vote for a mayoral candidate who, when confronted by someone who disagrees goes all sue-happy.

Don’t vote for a mayoral candidate who, when a Franklin icon senior citizen wrote something in opposition, took the citizen to court, filing a restraining order against the nearly 90-year old man.

Don’t vote for Steve Taylor, a bull in a china shop, who is on record expressing total disdain for Mayor Olson and his pro-growth agenda. Taylor has the incumbent advantage. Or is it a disadvantage. Tired of his and his supporters’ tactics (lying at the doors during Janet Evans’ recall?) Vote for Pete Kosovich.

Don’t vote for Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm, who worked overtime to throw every tack in the road against Kayla’s Playground.

If we can eliminate the dysfunction, no guarantee, but you improve the odds, the chances that Franklin can actually get things done and truly govern.

Other thoughts

Do not vote for the unopposed John Nelson for Franklin alderman. We know nothing about him. My vote is precious to me. If I lived in that district my thought is you need to earn my vote. Just stepping forward to put your name on the ballot isn’t good enough.

Franklin School Board: Vote for the two incumbents, Nielson and Witkowski. Known commodities. Seems the 3rd candidate] on the ballot, Scanlan was fishing for comments on social media in support of K-4 KG. Not a bad concept, but how to pay for glorified day care?

A resounding NO is the vote on the county wheel tax referendum.

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