There’s no science behind yard signs

They don’t vote.

They basically serve to make the candidate and the candidate’s supporters feel good.

Still, here in Franklin, they’re telling.

For example, in my Franklin aldermanic district, I’m represented  by the lighter than lightweight Kristen Wilhelm.

She’s running unopposed.

Meaning I have no choice.

Actually, I do have a choice. I will not vote for her. I will leave that spot on the ballot blank, and urge others to do so.

Wilhelm has been one of the main obstructionists to mayor Steve Olson’s plans, not just for economic growth, but for anything Olson supports, including  a playground for all.

Though unopposed, Wilhelm smartly has her yard signs out. But if you drive around in her district you’ll notice the properties with Wilhelm signs do not have Olson signs. Some have Olson’s opponent’s signs, but not Olson’s.

And folks with Olson’s signs don’t have Wilhelm signs.

Not earth shattering. Wasn’t meant to be,  just an observation.

Just like seeing Steve Taylor signs alongside signs of Olson’s opponent.

C’mon, Franklin. Do you want more or less dysfunction at City Hall? Vote Steve Olson for Mayor and Pete Kosovich for alderman, and nobody for alderman in Kristen Wilhelm’s district.

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