Today’s highly interesting read (03/30/17): Americans are now utterly intolerant of ever being told they’re wrong about almost anything

Incivility reigns all across America.

Tom Nichols is the author of the recently published “The Death of Expertise” and a professor at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. In the book he writes:

“These are dangerous times. Never have so many people had access to so much knowledge, and yet been so resistant to learning anything.”

And he has a new column out.

We need to start listening to each other with a greater assumption of good will. Cable news has become a gladiatorial exercise, but that doesn’t mean each of us must approach conversation as a fight to the finish.

We must come out from behind our keyboards and smartphones and televisions and engage each other as citizens, rather than opponents. In an age of binary, win-at-all-costs politics, this is a tall order. But citizens need to be better examples to our political and media leaders than they’ve been to us.

Read his entire column here.

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