My wife’s links to my blogs BANNED on a local Facebook page…That really hurts!

UPDATE: Much of the angry reaction to my wife’s posting of this blog (that I write, she does not, she simply posts) on a Facebook page has focused on that we were told nicely not to do it, and rules are rules. We don’t frequent that Facebook page. We are not helpless and know how to use the Yellow Pages. Because we rarely check it out, if there was an edict not to post political we never saw it. We did see some political posts the past week or two and thought ours would be okay. No one running that page has been nice or respectful to us.

I get that it’s their page and they get to set the rules. Rules are rules? Not in our playbook, especially when the rule’s a stupid rule.

A correction could have/should have been handled more, what’s that magic word, respectfully. It wasn’t.

If my suspicions are correct, that the administrators of the page were coerced into not only deleting a post but then being nasty about it, that’s beyond unfortunate. Two wrongs don’t what?

I wasn’t aware of a rule, my wife was berated, and the thin-skinned kaffeeklatsch had their egos bruised.  How about we pay attention to Mayor Olson who said recently that we can disagree admirably. We were lectured to be respectful. That works both ways.

Franklin has a number of Facebook public forum sites. The folks who operate some of the sites encourage citizen involvement, that is, if you kiss their rings and follow their stupid rules which you may or may not be aware of.

One of these sites is the Franklin Area Community Watch site.

For the past couple of weeks the site has allowed political posts. A regular reader of my blog encouraged me to post there. I don’t have a Facebook page (not a crime) so I had my wife who does have Facebook page link to some of my blogs (again, not a crime).

Last night my wife posted my blog about Franklin alderman Steve Taylor signing the mayoral nomination papers for Basil Ryan, clearly an endorsement of Ryan who was thrown out of office as Franklin alderman via recall.

The post generated quite the feedback and discussion, exactly what the “administrators” would and should want.

My wife got into the fray, posting several comments in defense of the post.

This morning, one Lynn Helgeland informed my wife via the Facebook page she monitors offered the following. It’s so lovely, charming, and if I may say, respectful.

Lynn Helgeland

Jennifer Bokan Fischer, if I have to remove one more post from you about your blog, your out. I have asked nicely and provided a community outlet for politics.

I cannot help that the community page has more members then your blog site. Please show some respect.

Sincerely, Admin!

It took my wife and I about one-tenth of a second to stop shivering in our boots.

When my wife commented several times there were many responses that were disrespectful. But only Jennifer got the condescending lecture. So Jennifer responded:

Jennifer Bokan Fischer I would submit the same holds true for those who comment and react. My post was factual and should not have been censored.

Have a good day.

The moderator missed the point that the same pontificating should have been targeted at others who commented as well.

Lynn Helgeland I’m sorry but you don’t get to decide what the Admin of this page allow or not. You can post your uncensored items on your blog as you see fit. As for me and mine, I do not want that on this page. Show some respect and comply. Seriously 😒

Show some respect and comply?

Whatever happened to something like:

Jennifer, thank you for your contribution. Because it is generating healthy debate we’ll allow it to continue. But please be advised we can’t accept future posts like this as this is not what this site was created for. Thank you for your understanding.

No, Helgeland used her lofty position as page caretaker to slam Jennifer twice, and then later in a tagged message to her.

The best comment on the thread was this:

Kim Gehrig With 1 week until the election, why would politics be banned from this site? Clearly the most important thing going on in the city this week.

 This wasn’t bad either.

Nancy Hipp What’s wrong with political speech? Was it outlawed?

When confronted with a major truth Helgeland replied with an attempt at humor to Hipp.

Lynn Helgeland Yup. By the Trump administration 😜

Gotta be a lib.

Can’t we all just get along?

Major fail to be funny.

Nancy Hipp I would never make even one comment on any page that doesn’t accept diversity. Who gets to say what is allowed to be said?

 Lynn Helgeland Oh you are being serious? We did not create this community page for politics. So I guess, in terms of this page, the admin does. You are more then able to post on other pages that allow it, just not here.

Dean Hoyt AMERICA!!!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Except here? Interesting not really. Disgusting really gross that anyone would try to stop anyone from saying anything in a open forum. Shameful of those who subscribe to dictatorship and not democracy.

Remember Helgeland’s comment that opened this discussion?

I have asked nicely and provided a community outlet for politics.

Apparently not on this page. I’m wondering if someone got to her and bullied her to drop my wife’s post and comments and she caved. That would not be surprising given the political anti-free speech climate in Franklin.

She also wrote:

I cannot help that the community page has more members then your blog site.

That’s laughable. She has no clue what she’s saying. Trust me, Lynn, you have no idea how popular my blog is.

So that’s why you should allow my and others’ views to be posted. By refusing to do so, and you obviously don’t get it, you lose, your site loses, and your readers lose.

But if dumping my stuff makes your power-tripping mind happy, so be it. I’ll survive.

And I’ll still have tons of readers, even if none of them are looking for someone to reupholster their couch.

Since we can’t post on Helgeland’s precious free from politics page I can only hope she somehow gets to read this and realizes she has a lot to learn about moderating a public forum.

Don’t like reading this, Mrs. Helgeland? Upset?

Well, too bad. There’s not thing one you can do about it.

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