Franklin alderman claims he’s totally neutral…a pile of crapola

First, by way of introduction…

In my view Steve Taylor as a county supervisor for Franklin, Oak Creek, and Hales Corners is somewhere between so-so and okay. That’s not saying much since an intern could vote properly against the majority of the Milwaukee County Board that is a clown car.

But as a city alderman for Franklin, Steve (RINO) Taylor is horrible. Has the record to prove it. A Dale Carnegie instructor could have a field day with him.

Intro done. We move on.

Recently a rather innocent video of Franklin Mayor Steve Olson was posted on the Facebook page of the Franklin Area Community Watch group by the S.K. Realty group:

Hey everyone happy #milwaukeeMonday this week we have a very special guest THE MAYOR OF FRANKLIN! He is talking about what is going on in franklin and what he plans to do to fix it

Franklin alderman and county supervisor Taylor chimed in.

Steve F. Taylor As an Alderman since 2008 I don’t agree with anything Steve Olson spoke about. This video is an embarrassment. I spoke with Hank Meijer at a ribbon cutting in Oak Creek and he blames Olson and Olson alone for Meijer not being in Franklin. Olson has shown zero leadership since being elected mayor. His main focus has been helping his developer friends on a business park that no one supports. I have never seen an individual spin so much garbage. What has he accomplished since he was elected??? Besides trying to raise taxes two of his three budgets. I will wait for his response…..

That led to…

Doug Milinovich Steve F. Taylor I am totally shocked by your stance, NOT! “I have never seen an individual spin so much garbage” You can fix that by looking in the mirror when you speak. Talking about spinning garbage you telling me NO ONE on the council supports the business park? Or are they no one because they don’t agree with you? Remember you are only as good as those you stand behind. So keep standing behind a once recalled politician who has numerous CCAP entries, that should serve you well! Approximately $40 million in business park expansion is just one of his accomplishments. Put y
our playbook away and speak the truth and facts you will have much more credibility.

Steve F. Taylor I only stand behind myself and support no candidate. I support development in the area I represent but I won’t play the games the our mayor does who only wants to give political favors to his friends.

That brought this response from someone who obviously knows her biology.

Melissa Leipzig You only stand behind yourself?? Ha ha ha!

Now back to serious…

Jason Perry Serious question. If you’re not backing Steve Olson, and you’re not backing Basil Ryan, are you just writing Franklin off for the next 4 years? I know you’re not a fan of Steve’s, but with your elected post in Franklin, butting heads for the next 4 years seems counter productive for our city.

One more time…

Melissa Leipzig You only stand behind yourself?? Ha ha ha!

Totally love that.

Then Taylor performs a Kristen Wilhelm. Simply couldn’t put on the brakes. He stepped in it even further.

Steve F. Taylor  As for who the next mayor is going to or who I am voting for is none of anyone’s business. The term is 3 years and not 4 and the makeup of the council will change little so whoever the mayor is they better learn to work with the council. The current occupant sure hasn’t.

OK. Let’s rewind. He stands behind himself. And it’s nobody’s business whom he supports for mayor.

Then why, according to an open record, did Taylor on 1/2/17 sign Basil Ryan’s nomination papers for mayor of Franklin?

Can you imagine an already dysfunctional Franklin Common Council and the disgraced former-recalled Basil Ryan as mayor running our city?

The vote is Pete Kosovich for alderman against Steve Taylor and Steve Olson for mayor on April 4.

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