Photos of the Week (03/26/17)

1) A Utah couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a dream tour of Europe are among the victims of last week’s London terror attack. Kurt Cochran, 54, died after being thrown over Westminster Bridge onto a walkway beneath it when ISIS terrorist Khalid Masood mowed him down in his Hyundai 4×4. His 46-year-old wife Melissa was also struck. She desperately clutched on to a stranger who held her bleeding head as she lay among scattered postcards while they waited for an ambulance. Mrs Cochran was taken to hospital in the UK where she is being treated for a broken leg and rib. Photo: Reuters

2) A police officer points a gun at a man on the ground as emergency services attend the scene outside the Palace of Westminster where a man with a knife attacked a police officer. Photo: Stefan Rousseau / PA via AP

3) A bird flies over candles left in tribute on Westminster Bridge in central London two days after the terror attack on the British parliament and Westminster Bridge. Photo: Getty Images

4) A man is told to stop by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer after he illegally crossed the U.S.-Canada border leading into Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada. Photo: Reuters

5) A four month young baby bear is pictured at the zoo of Hellabrunn in Munich, southern Germany. Getty Images

6) Giant Panda twin cubs Fu Feng and Fu Ban, which were born on August 7, 2016, are seen in their enclosure at Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria. Photo: Reuters

7) Wisconsin guard Zak Showalter shoots a game-tying three-pointer with seconds left in regulation against Florida at Madison Square Garden.  Photo: Getty Images

8) But then Florida’s Chris Chiozza put up the winning shot in overtime in a round-of-16 win over Wisconsin, beating the Badgers 84-83. Photo:  Credit Julio Cortez/Associated Press

9) Jockeys, most of whom are children, compete on their mounts during the opening of the International Camel Racing festival at the Sarabium desert in Ismailia, Egypt. Photo: Reuters

10) Belgian Catherine Bloemen, 86, stands among more than 20,000 stuffed and plastic toys, she is collecting for more than 65 years, in her house in Brussels, Belgium. Photo: Reuters

11) Swimmers take part in the “Sydney Skinny,” an annual nude swim event that encourages swimmers to raise money for a number of Australian charities. Photo: Getty Images

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