Time now for-Dogs at Kayla’s Playground?…or, Common sense is uncommon in Franklin

It is simply amazing what it takes to get Franklin residents all fired up, all passionate with undies in a bundle.

Obscene taxes through the roof?

School referendums that ask for an arm and a leg and your first born?

A previously disgraced recalled Franklin alderman running for mayor who took Franklin’s Senior Citizen of the Century to court seeking a restraining order?


Dogs at Kayla’s Playground?


It started innocently enough today on Facebook at the Franklin Area Community Page.

Does anyone know, are dogs allowed inside Kayla’s Playground? I don’t see any signage.

One of the first responses was, I’m sure, meant to help. It did no such thing.

If there aren’t signs specifically stating you can’t have dogs inside, then I assume they meant to allow it. You can’t possibly expect people to use common sense.

Immediate reply, and appropriate laugh.

Ha! I would think it would be common sense not to bring a dog in there.

Remember, this is Franklin we’re talking about where we could mess up a one-car funeral.

So wait…we are supposed to guess which places that don’t have no dogs allowed signs we can bring our dogs? Lol. Hopefully I’m better at that then at clue.

The Kayla’s Playground For Dummies brigade rears its head.

No sign? The previous reader had no idea what to think. And he/she probably votes.

Certainly someone could straighten this out. Enter and sign in please.

Steve Olson Dogs are NOT permitted inside the playground unless they’re service animals. That’s due to hygiene concerns as well as concern for any child who may have a condition that would be triggered by contact with an animal.

I could be wrong. But I’m not. The above by the mayor explains it perfectly. But this is Franklin where we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Are there signs?


I looked, and I didn’t see one. Just about no food or drink allowed.

Mr. Mayor…

Steve Olson We really didn’t want to over-do it with all kinds of regulations and signage hoping that common sense and care for the playground would win out. We thought no food or drink would be obvious but…

Another reply…

I would suggest putting up a sign. Without a sign it is thought to be allowed. If all Franklin Parks were animal free by regulation it would be different, but since they are not, you need to post something.

And another…

Mr Mayor…is your answer above your opinion or is it a regulation?

Steve Olson It’s not an ordinance, nor is it in the park regulations. It is common sense. Much like the no food or beverage. We can get it into ordinance form and impose a fine but read my post above.

Sometimes the light bulb does go on, just not fast enough.

Oh so no food and drink on the play area itself? I misunderstood.

Steve Olson Here’s what we’re trying to avoid.

Food, drink and pet problems. And by the way, the “no food or drink” signs have been up all along.


Yuck. My daughter told me she say dog poop in the playground today too. Double yuck. (I chose not to investigate – I had just eaten lunch.)

Steve Olson EXACTLY what we want to avoid. Let’s hope the owner picked it up. But the germs remain. This picture is from the 2-5 year old area. Let’s say this was the result from a well hydrated male dog on the playground. Would you want your kids playing here? Common sense folks.


I swear if Texas seceeds from the Union, I would move there. Dogs and even pigs are allowed on the beaches and parks and people clean up after them. You can also drink alcohol on the beaches but no glass containers. People need freedom.

Dumb with a capital “D.”

Steve Olson A lot of people are missing the point. This is an all-accessible, all-inclusive playground. Some children may not be able to “watch where they walk” or have the reasoning to not touch the wet spot near the bench.

I would suggest placing a sign or an addendum to the sign that’s currently in place, but that would take three months of Franklin Common Council meetings and dozens of brain-bleeding Kristen Wilhelm questions and amendments.

You can’t legislate common sense. Franklin just proved it.

2 thoughts on “Time now for-Dogs at Kayla’s Playground?…or, Common sense is uncommon in Franklin

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