The latest pro-life news (03/20/17)

NOTE: This is NOT a militant blog. Even if you only choose to catch the Lovin’ Life segment  at the end that promotes the culture of life this author is happy.

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Spring dinners next week
Pro-Life Wisconsin is hosting international population scientist Steven Mosher at two dinners next week. We’d love to see you there.

An Evening with Steven Mosher
Tuesday, March 28, Marriott West Waukesha, 5:30
Get tickets and more details.

Living Courage Awards Dinner
Wednesday, March 29, Crowne Plaza Madison, 5:30
Get tickets and more details.

The activists of the year (Tom & Amy Lang, Madison) and legislator of the year (Sen. Chris Kapenga) will be honored at this dinner

Learn more about Steven Mosher and the Population Research Institute.

Fetal tissue from abortions is (still) not needed for research or medical treatments, say three Wisconsin biomedical researchers

Two bills have recently been introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature to provide a path forward for biomedical research that honors the dignity of the human beings that it is meant to serve.

These are the Fetal Remains Respect Act and the Unborn Child Disposition and Anatomical Gift Act, part of the Heal Without Harm Legislative Initiative. Contrary to what some claim, these bills do not stifle research.

As scientists, we wholeheartedly support this initiative to support and advocate for biomedical research that benefits all human persons, without sacrificing one for another.

Read the full Capital Times op-ed here.

Pro-Life News

ADOPTIONS: If a pregnant woman walked into a Planned Parenthood facility today, she’d be 160 times more likely to receive an abortion than an adoption referral. PLW: The treatment of woman looking for adoption referrals at a Planned Parenthood is horrible. One more reason to defund the abortion giant.

ALABAMA: On Thursday, the Alabama House of Representatives passed a proposal that would amend the constitution to recognize the sanctity and rights of unborn life. PLW: While the proposed amendment won’t change anything unless Roe v. Wade is overturned, it shows a strong move toward personhood rights.

KANSAS: The Kansas Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday morning on whether the Kansas Constitution’s Bill of Rights enshrines a right to abortion. PLW: Inalienable rights are not granted by government, they are granted by God. They should be protected by the government. The first among all rights is the right to life.

HEALTH CARE: Arguing that abortion is a women’s health issue, as Texas Rep. Jessica Farrar does with this bill, is a false bit of rhetoric that dismisses the reality and danger of abortions. PLW: Farrar is pushing a “satirical” bill that would mandate men wait 24 hours before receiving a colonoscopy by saying that the procedure is the same as abortion for women. Abortion isn’t health care because health care doesn’t kill.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: The release of Planned Parenthood’s annual report is several months late, leading some in the pro-life movement to wonder what information the report contains. PLW: Neither the national nor statewide Planned Parenthood organizations have released annual reports, which nonprofits typically do after required audits are complete. Planned Parenthood reports typically include donor information and the number of abortions given.

ILLINOIS: State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz’s House Bill 40 would force Illinois taxpayers to pay for abortions through Medicaid, and for state employees for any reason — including abortions based on a child’s disability or sex, for any reason at all. PLW: Even the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute found that taxpayer-funded abortion in Medicaid was associated with an 18 to 37 percent increase in abortions.

To stay up-to-date all week, follow Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter.

From WI Right To Life.


Childbirth for Women in Their 30s at 50-Year High

Normally this would be news. Hmmm. It’s not. A Pro-Life Group is Sending 324,000 Pairs of Socks to Congress. This is Why.

Catholic politicians who support abortion and assisted suicide are ‘confusing’ Catholics, say New Mexico bishops


While his wife, Heidi was out of town one weekend, actor and comedian Taylor Calmus spent three days creating a memorable “gender reveal” for their second child.

With help from three friends, Calmus used household items, baby toys and “lots of duct tape” to put together the Rube Goldberg machine throughout the three floors of Calmus’ home to announce the gender of their child to fans and friends. Toward the end of the video, which has been viewed more than 7 million times, Calmus’ parents can be seen on Skype watching the big reveal from South Dakota.

And get this. Both Calmus and Heidi didn’t know the sex of their baby before the final stage of the project. Calmus’ friend was in charge of the end of the video, which shows that the couple will be having a…well, just watch.

“To be honest, I would have been happy we did it even if nobody else saw it,” Calmus said. “Our (baby) is about to come into our lives and change our entire world. It’s such a huge event I felt it could not be summed up in a mere cupcake.”




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