Culinary no-no #510


Our daughter, Kyla, as a rule eats the lunch offered at her school, but not always. When she’s less than enthusiastic about the daily fare Jennifer packs a lunch.

A very quick investigation had me pose a question to Jennifer and she responded.

“I always, always, pack a sweet.  Either a cookie or a piece of chocolate.”

If this was Australia you’d be looking at a clear case of Bad Parent.

One Aussie mom sent her child to school with a piece of chocolate cake.  She was the recipient of a letter from a teacher telling her to knock it off.

No photo description available.

What if that happened to us?

I know Jennifer is too nice. I’m pretty lovable myself, but I’d politely tell any teacher who sent home a shaming letter to mind her/his own businesses and let us decide what Kyla could or couldn’t eat.

When you look at some of the photos of school lunches submitted by high school students  and posted on Huffington Post, is it any wonder kids would be dying for some chocolate cake or other treat?

If you’re really concerned about healthy school lunches, the Michelle Obama approach is not a winner. Your best bet is to pack a lunch.

And how about this food for thought. If the nanny sate, big government is so worried about mandating healthy eating habits, should people be barred from buying junk food with food stamps?


How about freedom for dinner?

Dining with a feline twist

Sticker shock for olive oil buyers

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