2ND UPDATE: Identity thieves hit Franklin

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Here’s a brief excerpt from a blog I helped former state Senator Mary Lazich post on identity theft:

Thieves will stalk and hand pick their partners to steal information at departments of motor vehicles and restaurants. These are typically single moms that agree to a certain fee for each identity they can turn over. At an Orlando TGIF restaurant, 75-thousand credit cards were recovered by authorities. Two waitresses had been using credit card skimmers easily hidden in their uniforms to quickly zap and store names and numbers. Counterfeit equipment is available online with parts sold at Radio Shack.

Thieves have placed overlays on top of ATMs that appear to be authentic, and return days later to remove their wizardry that has captured a host of new victims.

The update.

2 thoughts on “2ND UPDATE: Identity thieves hit Franklin

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