Could Franklin (and others) learn from…

LaGrange, Georgia?

Slightly smaller than Franklin population-wise LaGrange found itself seriously impacted by digital disruption. Located not far from Atlanta, the city embarked upon a philosophy that reaped huge economic benefits.

I’m not suggesting Franklin suffers from digital disruption. But we’re no development juggernaut.The practice used by LaGrange is intriguing and could be utilized here and elsewhere.

Think about it as described by

Leaders analyzed their community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and then used that analysis to mobilize specific initiatives.

They began by identifying and harvesting upside potential. What could LaGrange offer? Its advantages included zero property taxes (city revenues come largely from municipally operated electrical and water utilities), small-town life and safety, and exceptional health care, recreational and cultural offerings.

In the years since LaGrange first assembled a community-wide set of leaders to leverage its assets and work on digital-era development, plenty of other cities have stepped up to similar challenges…addressing the challenges of digital disruption and a globalizing economy may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The key to success is getting the right people together to address the right issues.

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