Culinary no-no #508


I’m guessing that astute news junkies will pick up on this week’s no-no fairly soon. Even so, I will remain true to the concept of the Culinary no-no and not divulge until, oh, say the 35th paragraph.

So let’s get rolling.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming quickly. In America that means corned beef and cabbage, lamb, and green beer.

Want something different?

How about some amazing…

Image result for image, photo, picture, kerrygold cheesy potato soup

cheesy potato soup.

You’ve gotta have …

Image result for image, photo, picture,kerry gold slow cooker mashed potatoes

slow cooker mashed potatoes.

And this is an interesting twist…

Image result for image, photo, picture,kerry gold bruschetta pizza with irish cheese

bruschetta pizza with Irish cheese.

Dessert? Let’s try…

Image result for image, photo, picture,kerry gold raspberry mini bundt cakes

raspberry mini-Bundt Cakes.

Those all look yummy.


In order to prepare those dishes if you follow the recipes to the letter you’re going to need…

No photo description available.

Kerrygold butter has a reputation of being sooooo delicious.

The Daily Meal attributes the taste to the grass in Ireland. So does

The Chicago Tribune reports folks from Wisconsin are  making the trip south across the border into Illinois because Kerrygold isn’t sold in Badger Land. That would be against the law.

So we have not one no-no but two.

1) Stupid law. It needs to be changed.

2) Depending on how far the drive would be, to travel to the Land of Lincoln just for butter is also just plain dumb. Buy Wisconsin butter.


Is “fake milk” spoiling the dairy industry’s image?


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