The Journal Sentinel is asking, so I have an answer

See that headline above at the far left?

Many changes at the daily newspaper were announced in today’s edition by editor George Stanley. He admits there will be less content and calls the actions by the paper “unsettling.”

In typical Stanley fashion he colors all the cuts he’s making by spinning how great their paper really is, and also shows a bit of hutzpah by requesting that current subscribers ( a dwindling number) consider taking out a gift subscription.

A few lines from his column:

Where do we need to focus more of our resources and attention?

Let me know what you value most, including coverage you wish we provided but don’t.

Please help us make sound choices about what to devote more attention to in the future.

Wow. That’s so easy.

How about some balance?


3 thoughts on “The Journal Sentinel is asking, so I have an answer

  1. How about some LOCAL coverage? Before about 2005 the suburbs had full time (albeit some shared) reporters who knew what was going on and wrote about it. Now… well, there’s the Now.


    • The quality of the NOW coverage is a notch above that of a high school paper. Poor at best, That’s why the community blogs were so important.

      As a part-time blogger I can do only so much.

      The NOW sites are only interested in the latest rummage sale. They play it too safe.

      Local residents suffer because those in power realize no one’s paying attention so they have a better opportunity to get away with stuff, like the Franklin Common Council.

      Even if we got more local coverage it would be dreadful.


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