You know what Kayla’s Playground could use?

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This past Sunday afternoon our family spent two hours at Franklin’s magnificent Kayla’s Playground.

There were lots of happy people with bright smiling faces, and very well-behaved I might add.

My wife made an observation, one that I made in one of my blogs last December in the TOP TEN FRANKLIN STORIES OF 2016 series. It was about the tables.

“Could there be room for more?” I asked on my blog.

We now have 12.

I’m not trying to instigate another table controversy. But it was clear Kayla’s Playground could easily use and handle more tables, especially with spring and summer on the way, and the playground’s popularity growing and growing.

I know of no such plans. But even if there were, this is Franklin, folks. Request for more tables? You’d open Pandora’s Box.

One thought on “You know what Kayla’s Playground could use?

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