Franklin alderwoman schooled on free speech

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Here in Franklin my representative on the Common Council is Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm. She is an ultra-liberal, ultra-environmentalist.

Years ago I supported her during her re-election. I no longer do.

I repeat for the hundredth time. Nothing personal. Wilhelm is, I have found, outside of the political arena, a decent individual. Key word: outside.

As an alderman/alderperson/alderwoman, take your pick, I find her to be embarrassing.

Wilhelm is utterly clueless as to why she’s lost my support.

In the times I have politely, respectfully conveyed to her my thoughts on an issue, requesting she vote a certain way, she has always rebuffed me, usually in a disrespectful manner, telling me I’m but one resident, that I don’t have the only viewpoint  in her district. In other words, my opinions  have meant nothing to her.

Now,  if to this day she fails to understand why I no longer support her, after I’ve written blog after blog after blog how she and others have purposely gone on a personal mission to torpedo Mayor Steve Olson’s efforts to build Franklin, then she’s in desperate need of “Alderman for  Dummies” if such a book existed.

The alderwoman in her bizarre thinking considers my blogging to be “misinformation,” a rather ridiculous assertion since I publish her own direct quotes at meetings and her on the record votes. I get why she wouldn’t such embarrassing details to be revealed to the public. She has never taken the opportunity to publicly correct me about my “misinformation.”

Further demonstrating her aldermanic shortcomings, she made the mistake of going on social media recently to criticize the mayor,  essentially saying, are you ready for this, that he should not exercise his First Amendment free speech rights.

Honest to God, you can’t make this lunacy up. But in the soap opera world that is Franklin  it’s totally real.

It all started when a person identifying himself as Perry Rossa went on a Franklin community Facebook page not too long ago to rip Franklin Mayor Steve Olson.  Please read and follow along carefully. Keeping the Constitution in mind would be helpful. Directly from Facebook:

Perry Rossa

I realize it’s an election year, but an alternate place other than Facebook should be used for Mayoral views on City matters, decisions or items up for government consideration. I’ve been seeing postings like this on Facebook by persons running for re-election which properly belong in a public forum subject to public notice (like, Council Meetings maybe?). It’s incorrect to assume that all elected officials read Facebook, just as it’s incorrect to assume that everyone reads their junk mail. Also, due to election laws, content may require “authorized and paid for by…”

Also, the use of Facebook as a regular “breaking news” outlet by the Mayor circumvents those responsible for administration of city affairs, especially related to updates on emergency matters. This is improper and complicates communication among elected officials.

This is not to say that Facebook is off limits; it just should not be the sole source of information not included in Council session or other government-sanctioned forums when it comes to City matters requiring authorization by elected officials.


Franklin Mayor Steve Olson often goes on Facebook, his own Facebook page and other Franklin community Facebook pages to pass along important information for city residents, even to clarify an issue or answer questions they may have. .

This is bad, how? Only if you don’t like the mayor.

Information is power. An informed citizenry is bad, how?

It gets better.

As you read Rossa went on Facebook to try to do damage to the mayor. Attempt failed. More from Facebook, in bold, followed by my comments:

Chrisn Cindy Dawes

Every person that I’ve seen run for Mayor, Alderman, County Supervisor, even the POTUS uses Social Media as a source of getting information to citizens, potential voters, etc. Not everyone drives on Drexel but the FD uses their sign to communicate to us. The FPD uses Facebook as well to communicate to us. It’s the way of the times. To call out one person doing it is irrelevant when it’s being done by all.

Judy Dornacher

Our mayor has a right to get information out in the way he wishes. Did you forget we have freedom of speech and that all of FB is not your own personal page? If I dont like something I either comment or hide the post. I appreciate information getting to me in the most expedient manner.

Jerry Johnson

I don’t even know what party the Mayor represents, but he always here answering questions. Not just when it’s convenient.

Did I mention “soap opera?” The plot thickens.

Steve Olson

Mr. Rosso is Alderwoman Wilhelm’s companion.

Scott Swift

I want a companion.

The alderwoman, who apparently had been sitting on the sidelines, finally  jumped in.  She should have kept quiet.

Kristen Wilhelm Scott Swift

Get a dog. They eat anything you feed it. Lol

Shovel in hand, the alderwoman kept digging.

Kristen Wilhelm

I think the point is, Alderpersons represent the people, about 6,000 per district and when calls come to them, they need the most up tp date info. Facebook does not always have the correct information, official notices tend to be more accurate. Our Police & Fire Departments are doing an excellent job in that regard.

Dumb. Real dumb.

Judy Dornacher

I guess the community will decide how they want their information. You really want us to wait for an official publication? We might find out by next month what Steve can tell us today. I truly doubt the mayor is giving out false information.

Kristen Wilhelm Scott Swift

I don’t have an issue with the Mayor posting on FB as long as he is informing the Council as well in some other manner. The laws for open records require certain procedures. Playing I got the info first and only I can have it so I can be first to share it on FB does little service to the City.

Kristen later admitted she has a Facebook page and a newsletter.

OMG. She uses social media! But the mayor can’t? Shouldn’t?

It gets better. Much better. The best.

Danelle Kenney

Oh wait. So you’re using a Facebook page to complain about what someone else did or didn’t do on Facebook? I suggest if you have a complaint about an INDIVIDUAL’s actions you take it up with that individual directly.

Jason Kaz

The world has evolved as has the way the world communicates…..I have no problem getting updates and breaking news alerts from my elected officials via Facebook!

The alderwoman wouldn’t give up. Shoe inserted even further.

Kristen Wilhelm

There is the 1st Amendment and then there is the Open Records Law. Unfortunately, FB does not meet and elected officials are held to if City business is involved.

You asked for it, Kristen.

Judy Dornacher

Open records laws? He discusses FPD great catches and posts news stories about Franklin. Please post an examples of something he posted that beeaks open records rules. I have lived in this city for over 20 years and it is always the same political crap.

Michelle Martin

I appreciate the Mayors regular updates on what is happening in Franklin. It is more informative and timely than any other communications I receive from any other Franklin officials.

By now does the  clueless alderwoman get it? Sadly, no. She’s “perplexed.”

Kristen Wilhelm

We all can appreciate it and benefit but for City business, we are held to laws. City business copied to City resources provides all of the public access to information. I’m perplexed on how this concept is so controversial. Next time a resident goes looking for something some elected official said and it’s deleted and the Clerk’s office has no record, it will be another matter.

“I’m perplexed.” Translation: “I’m out of touch.”

In football they call the next comments  “piling on.”

Judy Dornacher

You need to really lighten up. He is not making the post the “official record.” This is an added benefit to the citizens of Franklin. I am sure if he received the information in an official capacity he has a record of that info.

Now Kristen illustrates how she’s really in it to trash the mayor.

Kristen Wilhelm Scott Swift

Material that benefits a candidate running for public office that does not have the required disclosure that they are a candidate. This includes when speaking at a public meeting, such as a City council during public comment period. Gotta go. Coffee? I have your email.


Jason Perry

So to clear things up, Perry Rossa is complaining on Kristen Wilhelm‘s behalf? They are companions? Steve Olson is keeping his citizens too informed? I’m saving a ton of money by switching

Pete Sellers

I, myself, prefer to be uninformed. It makes plausible deniability SO much easier. STOP POSTING INFORMATIVE THINGS, MAYOR STEVE OLSON!

Down goes Wilhelm! Down goes Wilhelm!

But she’s up!

Kristen Wilhelm

Did anyone “really read” the post or are people just reacting to what they think it says? I copied a section just in case. “This is not to say that Facebook is off limits; it just should not be the sole source of information not included in Council session or other government-sanctioned forums when it comes to City matters requiring authorization by elected officials.”

Sorry, Kristen. The mayor uses several ways to communicate with constituents. And besides. Who are you to say it “should not be the sole source of information not included in Council session or other government-sanctioned forums when it comes to City matters requiring authorization by elected officials?”

We’re not done yet.

Another dagger.

Judy Dornacher

This has nothing to do with official city info. You both should have pick a better post to complain about. Maybe next time you should do it yourself instead of having your friend write it


The original issue was about a high speed chase, FYI.

We continue.

Chrisn Cindy Dawes

Any arrest/ police chase is on the scanner for all to hear…..that’s where I’m having a hard time understanding this. People were on here asking questions that day, tagging the Mayor in posts looking for answers. The FPD posted about it on their page why aren’t they being attacked as well???

Judy Dornacher

Because it is not politically beneficial to complain about FPD


Jason Perry

Not that I’m for any silencing of any public official keeping us in the loop, but if the dear alderwoman had an issue with it, talk to the moderators of the pages instead of having your “companion” drag people through the public ringer.

Chrisn Cindy Dawes

Ya that’s not gonna look good come re-election.

Kristen Wilhelm Chrisn Cindy Dawes

I’ve not posted anything negative or been rude, even back to those being rude. People just want to take this somewhere else.

Chrisn Cindy Dawes

You didn’t, someone u know did. Folks put 2&2 together. While that’s not a crime it’s not gonna reflect well. Social media works for you and at the same time can work against you.

Kristen Wilhelm Chrisn Cindy Dawes

You’re the perfect friend if you agree with every comment your friends make. I agree with some of the points, open records are a big deal as well as campaign laws. There is some validity to his statements. People took it wrong and off it goes….

Chrisn Cindy Dawes

I hope your speaking in generalization and not assuming you know me or my friends. 🤗 time for damage control.

Nina Griger

Well this is a good way not to get reelected. Complain about Facebook on Facebook. Hmmmmm

Nikki Lydia

I guess I don’t understand what the mayor has ever said that would be a problem with open record issues. I was actually really pleased when I joined these pages to see him in here. It is so nice to be able to find a simple answer to a non important issue. For example when the brush pick was then when it changed. So this post kind of baffled me as to what the real problem is.

Nikki, it’s not so baffling. It’s Franklin.We’re run by people  who  have let personal pettiness guide them and their actions, making them out of touch with the general mindset of the community.

Unfortunately this is how we operate.

I anxiously await my post-midnight e-mail from my alderwoman ripping all the above “misinformation.”

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