BRAVO! Franklin mayor finally erupts at Common Council meeting

I’ve blogged extensively and accurately I might add about the cabal of Franklin Common Council members who for a long period of time have gone out of their way to thwart and obstruct the efforts of Mayor Steve Olson to move the city in a positive direction.

As I’ve been following this nonsense I’ve often wondered how the mayor could be so patient about the dysfunction happening all around him. During Tuesday’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council the mayor finally, finally could take no more.

First some dry but important details.

Mills Wyoming Hotel, LLC is the owner of record of approximately 164 acres of land in Franklin. The part of the land located between West Ryan Road and Loomis Road, about eight acres includes two existing single family homes. Bear Development, based In Kenosha and acting on behalf of Mills Wyoming Hotel, LLC has requested approval of a  Certified Survey Map to create three individual lots with the intention of selling two of the three lots to individual buyers. Bear Development would retain the third lot and evaluate potential land use and division at a later date.

Bear Development is not requesting any changes to the city’s Comprehensive Plan, zoning reclassification, or any change in the current land use.

A representative of Bear attended Tuesday’s meeting seeking simple clarification. But then council members proceeded to nitpick the representative for a lengthy period with what seemed to be inquiries and comments that weren’t all that critical to the project. The tactic to bog down has been used frequently by the cabal.

That’s when Mayor Olson teed off, opening with some appropriate sarcasm. I listened to the tape of Tuesday’s meeting to capture these direct quotes.

“I think we ought to talk about this for another hour or so.

“If anybody has any misconception of why the city of Franklin has the reputation it has in the development community this is (a) prime example. We spent (a) half hour on minutiae that doesn’t belong on this certified survey map.

“This is a major…”

At this point Alderwoman Susanne Mayer interrupted.


Mayor Olson continued.

“Did I just get shooshed?

“I guess since I’ve been elected mayor I’m entitled to that, aren’t I?

“And I’m the guy that has to meet with these folks and try to convince them that we’re a great place to do business.

“Bear Development is one of the largest developers in southeast Wisconsin, and here we are running them through the mill? C’mon folks!

“Don’t ever question why Oak Creek’s having our lunch. Do not question that. We play games. We don’t want to put roads in the business park. Every other business park in the world has their roads in them. We don’t want to do that.

“Can you tell I’m a little upset? I hear every day from constituents, ‘why does Oak Creek get this, why does somebody else get that?’ This is why! This is exactly why.”


That was long overdue. Entirely appropriate. The targets definitely had it coming.

I guess if I had one criticism of Olson it’s this: What took you so long?

3 thoughts on “BRAVO! Franklin mayor finally erupts at Common Council meeting

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