Franklin mayor recently said, “We already have one of those”

When liquor superstore Total Wine opened in Brookfield not too long ago it was suggested on social media that such a store would be welcome and popular in Franklin.

Mayor Steve Olson’s immediate response that I found from a business/economic development standpoint to be rather strange was:

“We already have one of those.”

He was obviously referring to Three Cellars.

Well,  guess what?

Makes me wonder if that changes anything.

What am I thinking?


3 thoughts on “Franklin mayor recently said, “We already have one of those”

  1. I support and promote Franklin businesses. Sendiks has a fine wine department and we have fine drinking establishments like the Franklin owned Point After right here.


    • My good friend, we also support Franklin businesses, especially the two you mention. But we also spend money outside the 53132 zip code because we want and have to.

      It may not have been your intention, but when you said, “We already have one of those,” it came a cross as, for example, Franklin has a Mexican restaurant and can’t/shouldn’t have another.

      A quota system for Franklin businesses? i don’t think so.

      Having said that you’re a great mayor and we will vote for you rather than your flawed opponent in April.

      I would advise my readers that Steve Olson is going to have the kitchen sink thrown against him from now until Election Day. Be smart and don’t buy any of it.


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