The latest pro-life news (01/30/17)

“If the baby in the womb can be sucked out and left dead, with healthcare workers coerced to perform the hideous procedure and all of us forced to pay for it; if the physically challenged and mentally depressed can pay their doctor to put them to death; if the immigrant is caricatured as a criminal and threat; if women are looked upon as chattel whose main purpose is to be groped and satisfy a leering man; if the human person’s first and most cherished freedom — religion — is mocked and reduced to bigotry; if black lives and blue lives are considered enemy targets rather than sacred individuals; if a climate of political correctness keeps us from calling radical fundamentalists the psychopathic murderers they are … well, then, human life is treated as rubbish, which can be eliminated to suit our preferences.

“Am I wrong to wonder especially about the toxic effect that the unlimited abortion license has had on the Republic founded on self-evident truths, and the right to life? When what should be nature’s safest sanctuary, the mother’s womb, becomes the most perilous place for the most innocent and fragile life, should we be shocked when any life deemed ‘in the way’ is in hunting season?”
Cardinal Timothy Dolan

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

We marched for the babies.

Pro-Life Wisconsin joined with hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers from around the U.S. to speak for those who can’t.

Pro-Life Wisconsin was interviewed by Wisconsin media while we were in Washington, D.C. See the coverage here:

Fox 11
Milwaukee Patch

We also had one of our marchers’ hand-drawn signs featured here.

Pro-Life News

EUTHANASIA: A Dutch woman doctor who drugged an elderly woman and then asked her family to hold her down as she fought desperately not to be killed did not break the law, according to medical experts citing the country’s euthanasia legislation. PLW: When we say it’s OK to kill one group of people – the preborn – without their consent, we say it’s OK to kill anyone.

ABORTION BOOK: Brian Fisher paints a comprehensive picture of how the objectification of women – from rape, to trafficking and slavery, pornography, and violence – have all aided in the ultimate ending of unwanted pregnancies through abortions. PLW: Abortion tells women they can’t be strong through a pregnancy and parenting. Life-affirming choices, like parenting or adoption, tell a woman she can do anything.

KENTUCKY: The EMW Women’s Clinic in Lexington closed on Friday, now the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville is the only option in the Commonwealth. PLW: There are other options for women – and they don’t include killing children.

FUNDING: The Netherlands has committed $10 million to an initiative to fund abortion services in developing countries, Reuters reported Saturday. PLW: When President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, U.S. funds were cut from international organizations that refer for or do abortions.

RACISM: Republican Rep. Mia Love of Utah mentioned a photograph she saw of a young black woman holding a sign that read “I survived Roe v. Wade.” PLW: The crowd at the March for Life represented all races – men and women – who want abortion outlawed.

ABORTION DEFINED: Much of the argumentation about abortion lies in the question of whether the fetus is a person. PLW: They never even get to breathe. That’s the reality of abortion. We give them no chance at all.

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From WI Right To Life.


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And one more.

Claire Ryan (she’s 4 years old) and Dave Crosby of the YouTube channel Claire and the Crosbys are taking the internet by storm with their cover of “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newman from the movie Toy Story. Published earlier this month, the video has already received more than 5.2 million views.

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