Today’s highly interesting read (01/18/17): No more circus

That was a bombshell that just shook Baraboo, WI. As the Journal Sentinel reported:

When Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus owners announced over the weekend they were shutting down in May, folks in Baraboo were shocked and surprised. None more so than the people at Circus World Museum, which opened in 1959 on the site of the Ringling brothers’ winter headquarters.

“Ringling Brothers Circus has been around since before Coca-Cola. It’s a legacy brand that’s been a constant in the social contract of America,” Circus World Museum Director Scott O’Donnell said Monday at the facility.

I enjoy Danny Tyree’s humorous look at politics and popular culture. Check out his thoughts on the end of the circus.

“Why should elephants be bullied into performing silly antics when they could be doing something DIGNIFIED, like staying in the wild, falling prey to poachers and providing aphrodisiacs for pathetic Chinese Romeos?”

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